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Kept by Shawntelle Madison
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Sep 21, 2012

it was amazing
In Short
- The storyline was constantly 'throwing' different things at me, so much going on at once.
- I really liked that the characters continued to grow in Kept.
- Thorn is a very addictive character who brings so much to the story.
- I was gripped right until the end.

In Long
Kept follows on nicely from the first book in the series, Coveted. However I found myself getting into Kept much quicker than Coveted. Everything seemed to move more quickly in Kept, the storyline constantly has something going on.

All the characters grew in Kept which I really liked. I always think characters should never stop growing and Shawntelle made sure her characters continued to grow. I became even fonder of Nat in this book, she is such a strong character who deals with everything in the way she sees best, often putting herself last. Her character is such a realistic one because she does have her flaws but at the same time there is such much to like about her.

Thorn is so swoon worthy, he really keeps me guessing as to what his thinking which I love about male characters. His all mysterious and then he will suddenly open up but at the same time hold back from revealing everything. It definitely kept me guessing throughout the whole book. One moment I think something then his next actions make me think something different. It was like it’s own little storyline within itself.

Kept is such a different sort of paranormal book, I love how werewolves are the main paranormal creatures but there are also wizards, mermaids and many other paranormal creatures involved. It’s so interesting to see them altogether and how Shawntelle puts them into the storyline in a way which could make the storyline go in many different directions.

The ending is a great one, so much is still going on right up until the last sentence!! I could never predict the exact ending, although I thought it might end in a certain way I was never totally sure and I was definitely ‘on the edge of my seat’ throughout the book, especially the last 50 pages.
Final Thoughts
Kept is a great follow on from Coveted. I actually enjoyed Kept a bit more than Coveted which was a nice surprise.

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