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Heir of Skies by Rachel Higginson
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Sep 20, 2012

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Rachel Higginson is the best author ever! So the day I found out this book was out I bought it. I didn't even know what it was about. I just bought it because it was by Rachel. I became a big fan of hers when I read her Endless Magic books. Those books were so amazing I couldn't put them down. I think I finished all 4 in 2 days. So I had to grab this book up. However... I was kinda let down. I had a hard time getting into this book. A few times I just wanted to skip to the end. I think a big part of it was 3 things.
1) I just can't relate to the story. I don't understand her relationship with Tristan!!  I don't get her decisions. I lacked that connection while reading.
2) I don't know if its just a "me thing" but I don't get the whole "star thing" This book would have been so much easier for me to read (and like) if it was just about the angels (like she was a angel, not a star)  every time I read star it didn't sit right. I kept thinking so she is like a star but she is human? I don't know how else to explain that part.
3) now this might just be a me thing but I love the whole falling in love/games things in books. (like in Reckless Magic that was awesome!!) But this? No, there is no falling in love. It was  like she loves her guy BFF and now she loves her angel too. 

Now with all that there is good stuff  like
*Seths sister Seven is a really interesting character, and if I were to read the next book I would read it only to find out about more about her. Rachel wrote Sevens character beautifully!
*The whole save the last planet from the darkness was a great concept.
*And Seth...awe can we just say Rachel knows how to write about a man being loyal to the girl he loves! 

Like I've said I love this author unfortunately this book just wasn't my favorite book. 
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Dawniepants Totally with you in this

Angie me too! Totally agree!

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