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The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein
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it was amazing

An eye opener about Disaster Capitalism as the driving economic export of American economic doctrine first implemented by Ronald Reagan in Latin America. Milton Freedman is it's founder and started the Chicago School of Economics. We have exported this form of economic torture and destruction of the underclasses for the great enrichment of the upper-classes world wide. The book is well documented and a gripping, terrifying thrill ride into our darkest impulses. It is at the heart of the NeoCon movement in the Republican party. And this current economic collapse would have been it's finest moment if McCain had won the presidency. Hope we dodged this bullet. I am still reading it, hoping to commit it to memory. We need this knowledge in order to prevent it's rise again. It is economic fascism.
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message 1: by Beach (last edited Jan 04, 2009 05:52PM) (new)

Beach Bum While I was just a teenager I remember people back in the 80's saying Reagan's Great Supply Side Economic Scam would eventually do what we are seeing now.
Been rereading Steinbecks's "Grapes of Wrath" and after seeing Madoff appear on the scene along with all the disasters we faced it has been a great but uncomfortable read.
Don't think people these days would take a complete meltdown like the Great Depression as "calmly" as the Joads did in the book or my grandparents did in real life.

Beach Bum

Peggy My mother was a child of the Joad generation. You are reading one of the best books ever written. I wish I were just discovering it for the first time. I read southern writers so much I developed my inner southern writer. I actually read my own work with a southern accent. If I were ever asked to say what kind of writer I am, I say, "I'm a southern writer."

Have I told you lately that I love you? I'm trying to remember to say what I feel, after the Christmas Eve suicide of Liquid Illusion. You never can tell when one of us bipolar types might take the final nap.

message 3: by Jim (new)

Jim Joiner Peggy Pandleton
Hot ticket! Disaster Capitalism, Funny this entire mess was started by Reagan and many on the right worship that ass hole!

message 4: by Jim (new)

Jim Joiner Hi Peggy
Funny but I like Utah too! We did dodge the bullet but I am afraid that Obama has been hamstrung and set up for failure with the hope of fighting him and badmouthing him at every juncture with the hope of them getting back in next time and finish us off I mean their mis agenda!

Peggy Thanks for the input. I appreciate your comments. And yes, we are in for the fight of our lives. I hope we're up to it. I'm old and sitting on the sidelines trying to hang on to my house and pay for food and medicine. But anyone under forty five ought to be on the front line of this fight countering the bullshit the right wing fundies are going to be slinging with all their might even if it isn't in their own long term interests. In Utah religious ideology trumps everything. The Mormon church runs the state government. They are a very rich sect and have surprising political clout. Think the passage of Prop 8. $500 million in tithing money spent in california to deny civil rights to a rather large class of citizens. So much work to be done. Are you up to it?

message 6: by Jim (new)

Jim Joiner Peggy
I have to laugh! As usual you are right about everything! I have to laugh because you are right about the Mormon Church. I have been to Salt Lake and the Tabernacle! I use to be a Mormon until they finally excommunicated me.
They followed me all around the world and I was not nice when one finally identified themselves. Needless to say they let me go after that!
Aanyway I think you know I am up to it and many think this is over because Obama is soon to be President but this too is just starting! Rest and good luck!

message 7: by Beach (new)

Beach Bum Peggy wrote: "My mother was a child of the Joad generation. You are reading one of the best books ever written. I wish I were just discovering it for the first time. I read southern writers so much I develope..."

Just want you to know I love you as well. Don't like to hear that "final nap" stuff although I understand the context. Getting back to the book you listed I have a very uneasy feeling that Jim is right and that President Obama may be set up for failure. This economic mess just seems to be getting worse.

Peggy Beach, this is the shock doctrine in action. I'm praying he reads a lot. I'm betting he does. Disaster Capitalism is what we have at the end of this long period of conservative economics. This is the mess Uncle Milton wrought. Thanks a lot neocons. The big question is will we become the progressive country we were meant to be, or will right-wing obstructionists stall on helping workers, returning vets and the disabled and the homeless with public works programs, slow progress down by calling it "fiscal responsibility."

The only time the Shock Doctrine was put into effect in America before this, was 9/11 and then Katrina. Use natural disaster or an event like 9/11 as the shock that allows you to move in and reorganize the power structure. Steps will be taken to strip you of civil rights to "protect" you. The reaction to Katrina was deliberate. Use a natural catastrophe as the rational for an implementation of a new economic order. Once the poorest of the poor have been relocated, then privatize everything--schools, hospitals, all services and reconstruction are no-bid-contracted out to cronies who will slow-go any help for the stubborn poor in the Ninth Ward. This is why we don't have dykes that rival those in The Netherlands. We have the know-how, we just don't want to. Not until we've secured that land for high end development. Lets hold our breath and hope like hell that Obama has the skills and the staff to help him change the zeitgeist. We have to stop being "them" and "us". We will have to work together or we are going down.

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