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Grave Memory by Kalayna Price
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Sep 20, 2012

really liked it
bookshelves: female-protagonist, paranormal-romance, owned, urban-fantasy

I finished this book while sitting at Disney and immediately had to vent at my husband over it. My poor husband who wasn't doing anything wrong but trying to ready his book.

This series makes me crazy. I love the urban fantasy part of it. The mystery and the powers are very different from a lot of what I've read, even if there are similarities with the uber heroine and the hunky guys, but that's kinda part and parcel for the genre. So long and short I like the story telling. I like Alex's world and there is a strong cast of secondary characters I've become very fond of as well. The part that is killing me is the stupid romance, especially after this book.

In this series, as many, there is a romantic triangle situation which is still unresolved after three books. The guys kinda take turns getting to be the 'it' guy from book to book, and I'll admit that I'm firmly team Death, so I was pretty pleased with some of the developments here. The thing I dislike is that it has been proven that Falin will betray Alex. It doesn't matter if he thinks he loves her he will always be a problem for her because he is bound to the Winter Queen. Unless the Queen releases him this is never going to change, and for as long as she's held him, I don't see any reason she'd release him so continuing to yearn after that relationship is the height of too stupid too live. Maybe the author is trying to build up to Alex killing off the Winter Queen, but as it stands it just makes me think Alex is an idiot, particularly considering everything that happens with Death in this volume. I also dislike the insinuation at the end of the book that the Winter Queen can command Falin to do something and Alex can't protest in the slightest or stop him. It's -her- home, one would think that hearth rights would trump Queen bitchiness. I am willing to give the series another book because of all the things I love about it, but if it keeps up with the back and forth thing this series will join the others where I'm tired of reading about the alphas who don't have the self esteem to give the girl up when it's obvious she won't EVER choose between them and they're way too alpha to share.

So yeah...it's a 4 star, but with a vasty GRRARGH attached.
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