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Striking Distance by Pamela Clare
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Oct 12, 2013

it was amazing
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Read from October 09 to 11, 2013

5 Stars (But honestly it is so much more than that!)

Javier Corbray has worked very hard to get where he is now. He is leading of a group of SEALs on a mission to capture Abu Nayef Al-Nassar, a Saudi national who is the leader of an al Qaeda splinter group operating in northwestern Pakistan. The United States wants him captured because he has orchestrated many attacks against United States citizens; Javier wants him because of what he did to Laura. Javier and Laura shared an intimate weekend; both agreed to no strings however Javier’s heart didn’t get the message. He had intentions of contacting Laura when the unthinkable happened. Laura was kidnapped; Al-Nassar claimed responsibility and that he killed her. Their mission accomplished, Javier is returning to the helo when he hears,”H-help me….I’m…I’m an American too!”

Laura is now tied with Natalie as my favorite ITeam heroine. The abuse she suffered - physical, sexual and psychological, is more than I can comprehend. She is strong and determined. She will find a way to build her life again, and she will go back to what she loves journalism. As all ITeam members she is great at her job. She is aware that her past makes her a target but she is determined to use her skills and voice to help. Laura is unwavering in her determination to take back her career, however she is unsure on how to work on the personal relationships in her life.

“I can think of a thousand ways to make love to you bella, a thousand ways to satisfy you. Forget about everything but us. Just let me touch you.”

Laura and Javier are wonderful characters separately but together they are a very special couple. Because of their earlier connection you feel the chemistry immediately and there is a deep love. They know that life is precious and even though they promised no strings, they each left their weekend in Dubai hoping to reconnect, only to have that hope extinguished when Laura was kidnapped. Their hearts have realized this new chance is something rare and should not be squandered. Can Laura ever be with someone intimately again? Javier is the perfect man to help her find that part of herself. Where First Strike was filled with ultra steamy scenes; Striking Distance is filled with scenes that are both steamy and sensual. In Dubai they were both active in finding mutual satisfaction; in Denver Javier is determined to help Laura allow herself to feel again. Javier is brave, honorable and sexy as sin in this book. He holds regrets deep in his heart that only Laura can help heal. It is fitting that Nate is his best friend, as they are very similar to the core.

This book is about a lot more than two former lovers finding each other again. Within the first six chapters I laughed, I cried and my heart raced. Danger and deep emotion made me turn the pages. Laura has a lifetime slot on a terrorist kill list, but she refuses to let that shape her life. There are many times where Laura could have made a decision that could have been easier for her to handle emotionally but she is determined to do what is right, not what is easy. I myself find her choices both heartbreaking and courageous.

I have been blessed to have finally read the book that took a place in my heart a year ago. And I will tell you this book is more incredible than I ever anticipated. I don’t know how she does it but Pamela Clare books just keep on getting better. Out of the over 100 books I have read in 2013 – this is my number one – my favorite. One I will re-read again and again. I plan on getting the audiobook read by Kaleo Griffith for my iPod on release day too.

I received this book from Pamela Clare in exchange for my honest review; however it is pre-ordered on my Nook where it will live on my Home Page with all my other Pamela Clare ITeam favorites.

INCREDIBLE! Pre-order now!

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Quotes Kame Liked

Pamela Clare
“Tell me again why you have barbecues in the middle of winter, bro?"
Nate looked at him like he was an idiot. "We like steak.”
Pamela Clare, Striking Distance

Pamela Clare
“Cold rage had him leaning closer, the pistol now a mere inch from his throat. "I served with them for a decade in Special Forces. You can't _begin_ to know what that means. Now they're dead and I want answers."
"Try Ask.com”
Pamela Clare, Striking Distance

Pamela Clare
“How do you like that, Corbray? You're upstaging yourself.”
Pamela Clare, Striking Distance

Pamela Clare
“Javier opened her makeup kit, held it edge to edge with the dressing table, and swept everything--every vial, brush, tube, and bottle--into the kit with his forearm.
Laura gaped at him. "That stuff is worth hundreds of dollars."
He shrugged, then shut the kit. "That's how SEALs pack makeup.”
Pamela Clare, Striking Distance

Pamela Clare
“Yeah, he'd been trained to be good with details, but once his dick started working, his brain generally shifted to standby.”
Pamela Clare, Striking Distance

Pamela Clare
“You might as well humor me and let the Band-Aid boys check you out.”
Pamela Clare, Striking Distance

Pamela Clare
“Don't get me wrong. I'm happy to be your morning lollipop, but I need to eat, too.”
Pamela Clare, Striking Distance

Pamela Clare
“SWAT is already on its way. I'll be at your position in about ten minutes. SWAT should arrive in about fifteen to twenty."
[Javier:] "I'll have her by then.”
Pamela Clare, Striking Distance

Pamela Clare
“I couldn't have gotten through any of this without you. Through all of it, you've been my support, my anchor. I don't know how one man's shoulders can possibly be so strong."
He tilted her face up to his. "With the love I feel for you, bella, I could lift up the world.”
Pamela Clare, Striking Distance

Pamela Clare
“I wanted to ask you one day but the time never seemed right, but we started talking and...Hell, I don't even have a ring. ... I'm naked here, bella, just laying myself out for you, telling you how I feel.”
Pamela Clare, Striking Distance

Pamela Clare
“I'm marrying you, not your uterus.”
Pamela Clare, Striking Distance

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message 1: by Pat (new) - rated it 5 stars

Pat Kame.........one of your best. Excellent review!

Kame Really Pat?! - I fought so hard to write this one - you have really brightened my day Thank you!

message 3: by Julieanne (new) - added it

Julieanne Reeves Awesome Review, Kame.

Kame Thank you Julieanne

Beth Harrelson Well now all i have to do is say how much I loved the book and refer them to your review. Excellent.

Kame Why thanks Beth

Beth Harrelson It's a great review and I would rather not repeat what has already been said. :)

Kame You made my day - Thanks

Beth Harrelson I hope you don't mind that I referred people to your review from mine.

message 10: by Kame (new) - rated it 5 stars

Kame Not at all - I am flattered!

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