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Cherry Heaven by Lucy Adlington
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** spoiler alert ** Kat and her sister Tanka and their aunt and uncle are moving to The New Frontier to start over. It’s been about 10 years since the war ended and the sisters’ real parents were killed for being Galrezi. There’s still a lot of tension between the different gene clans (Atsumisi, Mazzini, and Galrezi), and the Atsumisi are at the top of the pecking order. Since both Kat and Tanka are Atsumisi they have nothing to worry about as far as discrimination goes, and, in fact, Tanka can be pretty outspoken and racist against the Galrezi. What they don’t know is that their new home, Cherry Heaven, once belonged to a family of Galrezi who were murdered during the war, and one of them – Luka Papillon – has just escaped from The Factory (where they bottle Blue Mountain water products and the workers are treated no better than slaves, are considered expendable, and are regularly beaten and abused by their boss) to tell her story, but also to get revenge. As they adjust to their new lives, Kat begins to suspect that The New Frontier is not the shiny, happy, perfect place it purports to be.

Although this clocks in at over 400 pages, it’s a quick read (large type, small pages, and SUSPENSE! move the story along quite rapidly). This takes place in a human colony in another world in the future (science fiction/dystopia) where the colonists have gills (sounds like they genetically engineered these), and one of the things they love to do is slip into warm pools and let the water cover their gills (blissing out). Cherry Heaven doesn’t get into the real specifics of the different gene clans or the war, but there are enough clues/context sprinkled throughout for readers to pick up the general/important details. Cherry Heaven takes place in the same world as The Diary of Pelly D, and features some of the same characters (although they play lesser roles). I’m looking forward to reading The Diary, because I loved Cherry Heaven. Imaginative and intriguing.

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