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Yummy by G. Neri
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Sep 18, 2012

really liked it

G. Neri skillfully captures a tragic 1994 Chicago incident in his thrilling graphic novel Yummy. A young boy that lives in Chicago, the same area as Yummy, tells the story. He is not a real person however he is used as a storyteller in this graphic novel. In this book, G. Neri tells the story of a mistreated 11-year-old boy named Robert Sandier, also known as Yummy. Yummy is a misguided 11-year-old boy who lives with his grandmother and his many other relatives. Since he lives with so many people, no one notices him. In the night, he would sneak out of his house. He would steal cars, rob stores, and rob houses. Since he does all of these horrible things, Yummy ends up in a gang. In this part of the book, we meet another main character. His name is Monster, and he runs the gang that Yummy is in. Monster is a mean person who uses everyone in his gang as a pawn. Yummy is not the only kid that he uses in his gang. He uses many other kids as well, because that way someone else can go to jail to do his dirty work.
Yummy performs a blood oath with Monster and is now part of his gang. Yummy finally feels as if he has a place, and he feels like he has a new family. But will this last? Yummy decides he must prove himself to Monster, and the rest of his gang. One day, he sees someone that is in the rival gang, and he is on Yummy’s gang’s turf. Yummy finds this as a moment to show his worth. Yummy does something that day that changes everything for him. Yummy pulls out a gun with the intention of shooting the rival gang member. He misses and shoots someone else, who does he shoot? What repercussions will come from the act of violence that Yummy committed? What will Monster think about this? Well you can find out by reading G. Neri’s graphic novel Yummy.
I really enjoyed this book, because I heard about the story that is being told in this book before but not in this kind of detail. I also think the author did an amazing job of staying true to the event that happened. Another thing I really enjoyed about this book was the illustrations. . I really felt scared, happy sad, anxious etc because the illustrations sucked me into the book . The artist did an amazing job of using shadows to portray emotion. However, the artist was not very consistent in his art. Sometimes when I turned the page, I would think I was looking at a whole new character when it was really Yummy. The book really interested me and pulled me in right away. I felt like I was next to Yummy the whole time. I could see myself hiding in an abandoned house with Yummy while he was trying to hide from the police. I could hear the gunshots fired from Yummy’s gun when he tried to prove himself. I felt Monster’s cold hand when Yummy was performing the blood oath. I recommend this book to anyone who likes a dramatic book. I also recommend this book to anyone who wants to hear about the story of Yummy, because the author tells this story in so many different was to really show who Yummy was, which I think is fantastic. There is also a book that is very similar to this situation/book; called Boy Kills Man. Anyone who enjoyed that book might be interested in Yummy. If you are a person that likes a gripping drama then you should take a look at this book!

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