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That Girl Started Her Own Country by Holy Ghost Writer
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Sep 18, 2012

it was ok
Read in September, 2012

That Girl Started Her Own Country was admittedly inspired by the life of journalist, Stieg Larrson, who is also the author of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series. There are some similarities between this book (the first in a series) and that series. Both feature a heroine with a trouble past who is an accomplished hacker and who is romantically involved with an older journalist. This first book revolves around the adventures of Zaydee, a hactivist who has managed to accrue (steal) a large fortune. Zaydee is captured by the FBI early in the book, but refuses to give them her real name. So the FBI books her as Princess Jane Doe due to intelligence they received naming her as the member of a royal family. The majority of the novel unfolds as Zaydee attempts to outwit the FBI and the federal court system without revealing her true identity.

That Girl Started Her Own Country is a fast paced page turner with all the ingredients for a great thriller. There are secret societies controlling the world’s governments, a federation of hackers, romance (in jail and out) and a long buried family secret. While the overall idea of this book is an intriguing one the execution leaves a lot to be desired. The actual story is very choppy. Scenes whiz and whirl by without much transition or even much scene. The author, who writes under the pseudonym of The Holy Ghost Writer, doesn’t really set up scenes. Instead the reader is thrust into the middle of dialogue without any setting or exposition:

Passing the door to the guard's office, Jane heard a bitchy voice, "Ms. Doe, step into my office."
Ms. Doe complied. Lieutenant Williamson says, "I thought I should give you a heads-up. Several of the inmates here subscribe to the Miami Herald and since you're on the front page you might want to read this and prepare yourself for the repercussions."
Jane Doe thanked the Lieutenant taking the newspaper with her to the computer-room where she logged-on as an administrator.
She went straight to fbi.gov to analyze the web design and interface. Then she sent an encoded email to Icelander that translated to: 'I'm here with Clutch. Need intel on FBI special agents Whitehead and Binder in Miami - also check today's Miami Herald front-page about Princess Jane Doe to see the reason. I'll pay 10k for results today with access to their personal computers from here. Thx'.

The book transitions from one scene to another in three short paragraphs. That Girl Started Her Own Country would be a excellent story if the writer had fleshed out the novel more. All in all, it is still a worthy read.
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