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really liked it

Audiobook review August 21, 2014

I’ve read the ebook version of Frog twice. The first time I loved it (4 stars), the second time I really liked it (3.5 stars), but couldn’t get past my initial niggles. But, what Frog does well as a book is…well…it serves as a comfort read. It’s one of those stories you can go back to time and again and just enjoy.

The audiobook version is one of those that really adds something to the story. Hearing the cowboy drawl in the narrator’s voice, making everything Weber says sound like honey…it was soothing. I found myself enjoying Weber even more than I had in my own head. And when he shifted his voice to become the all-business Cyrus, I believed it was a separate narrator at times.

Now, there were moments when the narrator might’ve forgotten that he was using different voices and suddenly Cyrus had a drawl that should not have existed for the San Francisco doctor. But, *shrugs*, it didn’t happen enough times to be annoying…just enough to be noticeable.

All in all, a fun book to listen to and short enough that you can get through it quickly.



Re-read March 30, 2014

When I first read Frog, it was gosh-darnit the sweetest thing I had ever encountered. Weber Yates stole my heart, much as he did everyone else’s, both in the book and those reading it. I adored it. And though I noticed some stuff that could potentially bug me, there was no telling me otherwise…this was gonna be my go-to-feel-good book!

I rarely re-read books. I just don’t want to be reminded about what I liked or didn’t like about them because they fit for a time and place. But, I needed something sweet in my life to read…and I remembered loving Frog so much the first time around.

Again, it’s hard NOT to love Weber. He’s a cowboy. And he’s a good, kind, solid man. And he’s 6’3″, a ginger, and made of all heart. :) So, nothing changed there. But this time around, I came to find that I really really really loved Cyrus too! He’s a neurosurgeon. And he’s a caretaker and he’s brave and he asks for what he wants. I was so smitten with Cyrus during this read-through because he represents the things I want to be. And he and Weber are so freaking HOT and ADORABLE together.

Now, my first reading was back in September 2012 and it was one of the first M/M books I’d gone through. Here we are 1.5 years and 100′s of books later and sure, the issues were more prominent. There was a LOT of emotional manipulation going on here. The sister, the doctor, the parents…all forcing Web into something THEY wanted. It really got to me this time. I was livid, to be honest. I found all the parts outside of Web & Cy to be…despicable, actually. And it really bummed me out. And that started to overflow into the perfect ending that I found not-so-perfect this read through.

But, then thinking of Weber & Cyrus made me feel like I was being hugged in a warm blanket and it’s hard to stay mad. Frog remains a safe ‘feel good’ book and I’d still recommend and endorse should anyone ask…




I could read this book 10 times in a row and not get sick of it...the smile would NEVER leave my face!

This was such a sweet, endearing, pleasant, heartwarming, tender, adorable, story. How can you go wrong with a cowboy and a doctor? How can you miss with 2 guys loving each other so dearly? How can you not love a family that supports their gay son and loves his partner?

Weber Yates: Cowboy. 6'3", 170'ish lbs. Ginger. Great with kids, dogs, parents, and a man of respect and manners. Slightly unsure of himself. Stubborn. But, a "mountain"...wants to carry your burden. Affectionate and says some of the sweetest things.

Cyrus Benning: Doctor (neurosurgeon). 6'1". 165'ish. Chestnut hair, brown eyes w/ gold flecks. Hard as nails and very serious...EXCEPT when he's around Cy...where he's reduced to a giggling hugger. Makes his parents proud. Isn't afraid to fight for Cy. Adorable when he's drunk.

I mean...C'MON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to be their wife...I'm totally fine w/ 2 husbands. Ok, if not, can I at least be their best girlfriend?

Ok, yes, the end got to be a bit over-the-top cheesy, but not too drawn out. Only a couple cavities. :)

DEFINITELY READ THIS BOOK if you're in the mood to be swept off your feet and feel like smiling for a few hours or more...

PS - worst name for this book ever!
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Mary Calmes
“I would worship him so he'd know that he was everything.”
Mary Calmes, Frog
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Elizabetta You said it. I loved this book. It was tender and sweet and uplifting.

Breann "This was such a sweet, endearing, pleasant, heartwarming, tender, adorable, story."

Awwww... I haven't even read this and I'm already sighing. I have this on my tbr, I'll have to bump it up!

Camille Adams Knew you'd love it! :-)
Yeah, the name made me pass it over for a while, though having read it I get it. But name or not, I agree with you, I would never lose the smile this book brings to my face.

message 4: by Kristen (new)

Kristen I'm not a m/m reader but I loved your heartfelt review, Susan

Karla "I mean...C'MON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to be their wife...I'm totally fine w/ 2 husbands. Ok, if not, can I at least be their best girlfriend?"

Not if I can help it and I get there first! LOL!
I agree with you about the name of the book...ribbit...not so much! Yeah it was oozing cheese at the end, but at that point I didn't care anymore.

Great review Susan!!

Shelley OMG there's a ginger hero! I LOVE a ginger man, and you never get enough of them as a hero. I love your review and I am seriously reading this now. Such great comments from the girls too!

Sara Fantastic Susan! this will go in the pile

message 8: by Susan (last edited Oct 08, 2012 08:34AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Susan Thanks, ya'll (<-me, talking like Web, the cowboy!). I'm still smiling! I may reread it today. So sweet...and such an easy read!

Barb One of the best m/m's I've read and the best characters. LOVED, LOVED, LOVED Cy and Web.

Susan Barb wrote: "One of the best m/m's I've read and the best characters. LOVED, LOVED, LOVED Cy and Web."

I'm so excited that you mentioned she's writing another book about them. I could NOT be happier. The end wrapped up a little too quickly for me...I want more!

Barb I think the name Frog was kind of appropriate because that's how Web thought of himself but Cy thought of him as his prince. And'll have to get behind me to get to Cy and Web. They're mine first! LOL

message 12: by Sara (new) - rated it 4 stars

Sara Uff, you've convinced me lady! I'll read this before I start on the next series i had planned! It just sounds amazing

Susan Can we share? :)

I also wanted to mention that I think Cy's sister is a little bit creepy. (view spoiler)

Susan Sara wrote: "Uff, you've convinced me lady! I'll read this before I start on the next series i had planned! It just sounds amazing"

It is WAY fluffy, Sara. You've been reading a bunch of gritty stuff lately. I hope you won't find it too sappy. But, I loved it.

message 15: by Sara (new) - rated it 4 stars

Sara I like to mix it up! Sequel to Bareback was fluffylishous for sure ;) I am a sucker for sap too and this sounds like a good pick me up :D

Barb Susan wrote: "Can we share? :)

I also wanted to mention that I think Cy's sister is a little bit creepy. [spoilers removed]"

Well....maybe I won't be too stingy. LOL You can borrow them every once in a while once I've had my fill. Which come to think of it would probably be never. :o)

message 17: by Barb (last edited Oct 08, 2012 02:38PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Barb Susan, have you read Mary's Timing and After the Sunset? If you haven't RUN AND GET THEM NOW. It's a two book series, Stefan and Rand. THEY ARE SO HOT and they are two of my other favorites of Mary's and also all time favorites. It's kind of funny because they start out hating each other but secretly are really lusting after each other. The books are really funny too.

Susan BARB!!!! Thanks for the reco! Adding them now!!!! ( and Lisa...I still credit you both for pushing me into M/ thankful! :) )

message 19: by Barb (last edited Oct 08, 2012 02:50PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Barb And another series of Mary's - A MATTER OF TIME. There are like 5 books, 6 comes out this week but you can also buy them in a two pack volume, book 1&2, 3&4 and 5 by itself. Jory is a total nut, always getting into trouble, trouble just finds him, but you will fall in love with him and him and Sam are so wonderful together. The last book of the series comes out the 12th and everyone is near tears this is the last Jory/Sam book.

message 20: by KatLynne (new)

KatLynne As always, great review Susan!

message 21: by Monique (new) - added it

Monique I definitely need to read this! Glad you enjoyed your reread :)

Paisley great re-review ITA

Ingie This book was one of the very first gay romances I read. It was an excellent start to a new read alignment and a desire for more and more. Who knows, maybe my stars would also be less if I read it again today after so many other M/M stories? Either way, it was really cute and romantic as I remember it. ~ Great first and re-review, Susan!

Alex is The Romance Fox Great review. I have read this author's A Matter of Time Series which I loved and somehow the title of this book has keep me "away"....but i will probably read it soon.

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