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Blood and Feathers by Lou Morgan
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Sep 15, 2012

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Recommended for: People who can look beyond sloppy structure

3.5 stars

The beginning was really good. I was sucked in immediately. The first page even made me laugh.

I loved Mallory. He hit her! (I don't condone abuse for either sex, but it is nice to know that not just women get away with it in books!)

The plot behind this book really could have used some work. It was a fantastic idea. There was also some awesome writing done in this. But, you really didn't know what was going on. It felt like I was riding a spinning top at times, that somehow found itself flying off a speed bump.
The structure was terrible. I don't have a problem jumping between character perspectives--when it is done with chapters, so you know who you're reading about. And how it was done in this book wasn't confusing in the sense that you didn't know whose perspective you were in, but that you didn't know enough, or then learn enough, about the character you were reading about. Mallory, Gwyn, Vhnori, Michael, and Gabriel were all perfect examples of this. I think that would have read smoother had there been back stories for them earlier in the book, so you had a feel for what they were thinking and doing.
This brings me to the conspiracies. They were clever--but they were not executed well.(view spoiler)

What I did like however, was Hell. It was very interesting. I liked the descriptions of how things worked and what things looked and felt like. I also liked how the angels behaved, with the lack of morals. I liked Mallory's explanations for everything to do with how the angels lives worked.
There was no romance! Well unless you count Vin and Sari. I was completely shocked. This is the second book I've read without it, and let me tell you something: I didn't miss it.

You might be thinking, considering all I mentioned above, that this book was horrible. It wasn't. If the structure had been better, and the character development/conspiracy development would have been handled better, this would have been an easy five stars.

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Ruthless Someone having sex would have been the saving grace of this book. I too liked the books promise at the beginning but it didn't pan out

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