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The Blemished by Sarah Dalton
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Sep 15, 2012

really liked it

Extremely interesting and very scary plot! I’m sure you agree with me if you read that excerpt! The entire book was like this! Crazy!!! The idea that “normal” people are no longer needed to create human beings and are actual a disease so clones are made. Not clones, Gems (Genetic Enhancement Ministry). The very thought may not be too far from our future considering what some people may do to keep themselves or their children from getting sick and to look perfect.

Mina is one of the main characters and is absolutely fantastic. Here’s a girl that is about to have an operation so she can not have children and has secrets of her own. So although she’s scared of the Ministry and Gems, she’s also really tired of laying down. She’s a great heroine and it takes more than just her to fight, that’s where her friends come in! She doesn’t have a myriad of friends but those she keeps close are fantastic.

Although I think Elena, one of her enemies is actually my favorite. She’s a Gem based off of Angelina (I’m guessing Angelina Jolie but it’s never really stated), gorgeous in every way, she has everything. From the beginning you can tell Elena is going to make life difficult for Mina and her friends but Elena is not just a one dimensional bad girl. She does things that may surprise you, I know they surprised me! She’s a great bad girl and definitely my fav in this!

As you can tell, the plot was interesting, the characters were great. There are so many characters that I could prattle on about but Mina and Elena were definitely my favorites. Very fast paced story with a few twists. Interesting in every way. The ending was well worth the ride and Sarah Dalton does a great job of not answering every question, so be prepared for book two!

I just really, really hope that Sarah Dalton’s imagination for the future doesn’t prove to ring true!

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