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Slated by Teri Terry
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Sep 15, 2012

it was amazing
Read in September, 2012

Plain and simple: I loved this book.
Set in a futuristic world in the late 2050s, in England, Slated follows the story of Kyla. At the start of the novel, she doesn't know anything other than what the hospital has told her. She has no memories prior to the last nine months of her life, spent in a hospital. But even so, she knows that she's different from the other Slated (which is a term used to those who have had their memories and personalities wiped, like Kyla). They seem happy, well adjusted, predictable. She's not. Her parents - she's supposed to just accept these new people as Mum and Dad straight away - come to pick her up and she's thrown into the real world. Catch: she has a Levo strapped to her wrist, which is connected to her brain. Basically monitors her emotions. If it gets below 3.0, she blacks out. If it gets below 2.0, she dies.
Okay, problems with this book. The romance. It's not that I didn't like her and Ben, or Ben on his own, I just didn't get it. It was boring; I didn't care about him as a character. He felt pretty one-dimensional. (view spoiler) Ben just didn't feel real to me. The only point of his character, really, was the relationship with the main character.
Mary Sue character. Is it just me or did Kyla have literally no faults? She did things right all the time - and she did, otherwise she'd be dead or "returned" - and the only time anyone called on her for doing anything wrong was when Ben said "not everything is about you". So yeah. Though I usually hate these type of characters with a passion, oddly enough I liked Kyla. She's a pretty badass character.
I think those are the only problems I actually had with this book, and I could overlook them. I'd definitely recommend this to anyone who liked YA books, dystopian themes or anything remotely British. (I didn't actually clock that it was very British in style until I read some reviews but maybe that's because I am British.) I've put a 5 as my rating when actually its more 4.5, but oh well.
Very excited for the sequel and I'll definitely be rereading this book.

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