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Rule of Two by Drew Karpyshyn
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Jan 01, 2009

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** spoiler alert ** I received this as a gift from my family. I had stopped reading Star Wars after I grew tired of the Luke Skywalker/Han Solo family, generations formula. But this book I like.

This book goes into more detail about the Sith. Its not about using Dark Side Magic just to fulfill your materialistic needs but much deeper. Its almost spiritual. It embodies discipline and control of the mind and to look at things without emotion both Good as well as Evil. I wouldn't call Darth Bane evil. I would say he is indifferent.

I didn't read the first book which gets into Lord Kaan whose philosophy clearly differs from Banes. But I am sure he didn't side with him because he thought he was insane.

The potrayal of the Jedi also shows why the Sith always seem to either win or get away. They are so focused on the Light, and the rules governing it, that they are removed from Human emotions. I am not saying they are inhuman but they have no undestanding of human weaknesses and emotions.

It takes the right person to become a Jedi and not end up as an agent of the Sith.

Their need to take people into the service without realizing the psychological strain it can place upon the human is sometimes what breeds Sith candidates.

Perhaps the Jedi should create Jedis that are not warriors but more like counselors and therapists to help those people hurriedly pressed into service then asked to understand a philosophy and a way of living during the horrors of war or being seperated from their family that they are either too young to comprehend or their spirit is not just strong enough to roll with the punches and move in.

A True Dark Side Master such as Bane is...

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