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Villa Incognito by Tom Robbins
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Jan 01, 2009

it was amazing

i have not encountered Robbins' skill with words in a long long time.


some examples of cunning linguism :P.

"if coitus interruptus was a country, then Tanuki's tail would have been its flag."

not many hours later, after the moon had set, when the night was so black not even Michael Jackson's cosmetic surgeon could have lightened its hue."

"Eventually, they started transposing their hunting fantasies onto cave walls in the forms of pictures, first as an attempt at practical magic and later for the strange, unexpected pleasure they discovered in artistic creation. Time passed. Art came off the walls and turned into ritual. Ritual became religion. Religion spawned science. Science led to business. And big business, if it continues on its present mindless, voracious trajectory, could land those of us lucky enough to survive its ultimate legacy back into the caves again."

"on the other side of the door, there was silence. then, finally, the familiar sound of water being strangled by a jealous lover. the old-fashioned flush."

"hard times and funky living can season the soul, true enough, but joy is the yeast that makes it rise."

"Religion is little more than a transaction in which troubled people trade their souls for temporary and wholly illusionary psychological comfort--the old give-it-up-in-order-to-save-it routine. religion lead us to believe that the soul is the ultimate family jewel and that in return for our mindless obedience, they can secure it for us in their vaults, or at least insure it against fire and theft. They are mistaken."

"In the end, perhaps we should simply imagine a joke; a long joke that is being continually retold in an accent too think and too strange to ever be completely understood. Life is that joke, my friends. The soul is its punch line."

"Ink is the blood of language, paper is its flesh."

"was Jesus an enlightened being that understood maya (the illusionary nature of the material world) and the folly of seeking happiness through wealth, or was he merely a humourless, undersexed, masochistic proto-communist with an olive branch up his butt?"

"in our declaration of independence we consecrate ourselves a nation to the pursuit of happiness. that in itself is an admission of habitual discontent. one needn't pursue what one already possesses."

"there is no activity in the cosmos more unvarying, more predictable than the rate at which uranium turns into lead. that's a good thing. if the universe clock was based on the rate at which novelty turns into routine, we might never show up at the dentist on time. yet, sooner or later, the 'oh wow' does decay into the 'ho-hum'."

"time has a big mouth and a small brain."
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