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The Genesis Secret by Tom Knox
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Sep 14, 2012

did not like it
bookshelves: 2012, adventure, crime, would-not-read-again, library, setting-middle-east

Plot summary: Archaeologists in Turkey have just discovered a stone temple dating to 10,000BCE. But there is evidence that the temple was deliberately buried ten thousand years ago. Journalist Rob Luttrell is sent to report on the excavation, and gradually uncovers a shocking secret and a string of gruesome murders.

Thoughts: UGH. This book just never ended. It took a REALLY long time to get to the point. Prior to that, it was just a bunch of loose threads with very little sense of cohesion. Some of the sentence structure was really odd, especially in regards to punctuation. I'm sure it was all grammatically correct, it just didn't flow very well. Example: "As he sluiced the sleep from his face and hair, he thought about Christine: how it had happened. Them; the two of them; him and her." I mean, I love a semi-colon as much as the next girl, but really???

My main problem was the level of detail in regards to the murders, which generally (view spoiler). I'm sorry, but I don't want to read about how if you flay someone's skin off a bit at a time, you can keep them alive for hours. Or hear about all the straggly tendons and veins and stuff hanging out of the bottom of a severed head. Also, if dead babies make you sad, you should definitely steer clear of this book. There's a LOT of stuff about child sacrifice, as well as ancient jars filled with gloopy dead babies.

Other problems I had with it?
- Christine flashes her archaeology credentials to get something on a plane. Uh, I have an archaeology degree and worked on a bunch of digs. There's no such thing as archaeology credentials, short of hauling your degree around with you.
- Lizzie, Rob's 5 year old daughter, alternates between seeming like a toddler and seeming like a much older child. Also, she's kidnapped, witnesses several deaths (including one where the person's intestines are taken out and boiled in front of them), and is nearly killed by a psychotic madman, and yet in the end? "She seems to have, basically, forgotten it all. A little frightened of the dark. Think that was the hood."
- It's kind of obvious from the get go that a relationship is going to develop between Rob and Christine. But it goes from them being friends in one chapter to ten days later and they're sleeping together in the next, which was a) confusing, because the "ten days later" part came in at the bottom of the page, and b) stilted. There was no demonstrated change to the relationship or character development. It was just *BAM* they're sleeping together now.

So yeah. No. If you want an action adventure story with some kind of archaeology element, go read James Rollins or Will Adams or David Gibbins or Matthew Reilly instead.
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