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The Bourne Supremacy by Robert Ludlum
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it was ok

When Youtube saved me from the unreadability of The Bourne Identity by Robert Ludlum, I loved the story, and the book in general. I was zealous to move on to book two, The Bourne Supremacy , but YouTube had only part one. I must agree, I loved the action, the suspense, and the thrill.

When I did not get part two of the book, I went back to my PDFs library and started reading from Chapter 15. Man! I was thrown back to the lassitude and unreadability of book one. I really struggled to read, and when I used an e-reader, it became worse. Generally, the last half of the book is boring, convoluted, and all manner of reading-passion-killing. I gave up at 83.6559874% to finish.

Jason Bourne, now David Webb, has recovered from most of his mental and physical injuries and is teaching Asian studies at a university in Maine under his real name of David Webb, living happily on campus with Marie under supervision of psychiatrist Morris Panov.

In Asia, an assassin calling himself Jason Bourne goes on a killing spree. Meanwhile, Ambassador Raymond Havilland and Undersecretary Edward McAllister discuss an increasingly alarming situation in the People's Republic of China, where the popular Communist official Sheng Chou Yang is boosting his rise to power with assassinations perpetrated by the impersonator Jason Bourne. They fear that Sheng, a fanatical nationalist, might trigger a war, and therefore want him to be found and killed. Webb would be ideal for this, but they plan to involve him indirectly owing to his mistrust of the U.S. government and Webb's deep-seated emotional instability due to the loss of his first wife and children in Vietnam.

McAllister goes and informs Webb of the assassin in Asia who is killing under the name of Jason Bourne. Webb is told he requires a more visible security force because someone wants him dead.

And to give David Webb the right incentive, McAllister arranges for Marie to be abducted by 'unknown' people. To get her back, he must follow the instructions left by the kidnappers. Webb, who has transformed back into the persona of Jason Bourne, now has no choice but to go to Hong Kong and play out the scenario to get Marie back.

In Hong Kong Bourne is led to a wealthy Tai-Pan who wants Webb to locate the impostor Jason Bourne because the impostor killed his wife; the Taipan is actually a British intelligence officer named Lin Wenzu collaborating with the CIA to make Bourne find the impostor. Bourne agrees, saying that if his wife is not heard from the very moment he returns, he will kill his nabbed impostor without a second thought. Lin Wenzu is later fatally injured when he uncovers and kills traitors on his team passing information to Sheng.

Marie, held captive in a British hospital, fakes illness and escapes, taking refuge with Catherine Staples, a former colleague now employed at the Canadian consulate in Hong Kong. The duo make runs and go incognito to avoid the CIA and to find Webb. Unfortunately Marie runs away from Staples thinking she has joined forces with her captors who want to take her back, and Staples gets killed by Sheng's men. Marie later contacts Conklin and Panov, who arrive in Hong Kong and confront McAllister and Havilland.

And that's where I stopped. Perhaps the movie (which I doubt I am ecstatic to watch again) will fill the gaps.

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