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Rumpelstiltskin by Paul O. Zelinsky
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Sep 13, 2012

Read in September, 2012

The story is about a poor Miller with a beautiful daughter. The Miller told the King that his daughter could spin straw to gold but she could not do so. The king took the daughter to the castle and demanded that she spin all his straw to gold or she would die. The Miller’s daughter began to cry she could not spin straw to gold. A Few seconds later she met a tiny man that would help her with her problem for a small gift. He was able to spin the straw to gold and left on his way. The King demanded she spin more gold. The little man returned and helped the Miller’s daughter with for a small gift. Once again the King demanded one more time that the Miller’s daughter use her gift and in return he would make her his wife. She had nothing to give the little man so they made a deal that her first born would be his. He spinned the straw to gold and the Miller’s daughter married the King. A year had past and the beautiful Miller’s daughter gave birth to a baby boy, soon after the little old man returned. She did not want to give up her baby so she made one more deal with the little man. If she could guess his name she could keep her baby. After thinking hard a maid of the queen followed the little old man and to her surprise learned his name for the little mans very own mouth. She went back to the Queen and told her. So when the little old man returned the queen told him his name and she was able to keep her baby. This story is a classic. It kind of makes me laugh because I would not marry a man that was going to kill me but I guess that’s just me.

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