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Why Girls Are Weird by Pamela Ribon
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Dec 31, 2008

really liked it
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** spoiler alert ** My first comment on this book:
WOO HOO! I am going to find out why I am weird :) I always thought I was weird because of the Transitive Property of Math (yes, the only math I know): Grandmother is "A", and she's nuts. Mom is "B", and she's wacko. Mom is just like Grandmother. I am "C", and everyone says I'm just like Mom. Thus, I am going to turn into Grandmother someday. If A = B and B = C, then A = C. *sigh*

And the rest of my review from BookCrossing:
So. . .there were parts of this book I thought were incredibly hilarious, and parts where I just rolled my eyes. I also can't imagine anyone in 2003 (publication date, anyway) just inviting strangers into their house, etc. A little too far-fetched for me.

Quite possibly my favorite entry of all was How to Fake a Football Orgasm Some of the best rules are listed below:
    Don't walk in front of the television while the ball is in play, while they are doing an instant replay, or while the ball is at something called "the line of scrimmage". 
Offer beers to everyone when you stand up. You'll be the coolest girl there, and it's still a feminist move if you're already on your way to get your own beer.
It is called a "touchdown." That's worth six points.
You are supposed to be happy about overtime. It means more football.
Make sure you know which two teams are playing because they're going to switch channels during commercials. They'll watch other games at the same time, so be on your toes. If you're only rooting for "the guys in blue", you could end up cheering for the enemy of a different game. At any moment, there might be three different games on the television within an hour. I know. I'm sorry.
I don't care how persuasive they are, it is not tradition to take off your shirt when there's a turnover. You don't have to do it.
I should be clear that I am a real football fan, but I still found that hilarious :)

Another part that was very much "in my house too" was:
I felt tears pressing urgently against my face. "I'm sorry," I said, miserably.
"Now that's the reaction I'd been waiting for. Fights aren't over until someone cries."

When she experiences a death in the family, I'm surprised at the depth of feeling from a chick lit book. It was impressive.

This is *exactly* how I felt and still feel, and my dad died in 1998: "I missed my father. I missed him so much. It had been months since he'd died, but nobody had wanted to talk about it. I hadn't spoken to anyone about how sad it was to not have a father anymore. It was more than just a part of me was missing. It felt like my future had been erased. Any thoughts I might have had, any notions I'd entertained about what would happen to me were now negated. It couldn't happen that way anymore because my father wasn't going to be around to see it happen."
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