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Glory in Death by J.D. Robb
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Dec 31, 2008

really liked it
bookshelves: romantic-suspense, futuristic
Recommended for: Readers who like a dollop of romance with their futuristic mystery novel

Overall “Glory in Death” is a good mystery/suspense story but if you’re looking for an equal balance of romance, seeing as it’s listed as « romantic suspense », you won’t get that here. The story is relatively quick paced and you have a good futuristic feel, but I kept wanting to read more about the growing intimacy between Roarke and Eve. The book is more borderline fiction than romance I thought because Robb tends to gloss over the steam a little too often and focus more on the rest of the story than the couple.

Book two in the In Death series has Eve on the hunt for a serial killer who could have some connection to Mr Hot to Trot Roarke. Roarke is trying to get Eve to trust him more and you get a few more tidbits about her horrific childhood throughout the story. Eve is fighting a losing battle with herself about whether or not to fall more for Roarke or continue along Independent Road all by her lonesome. In a way she almost feels like he’s suffocating her but she doesn’t really know why because she does like being with him. Roarke starts to get very PO’d at Eve because she’s spending more time working and less time with him. She’s a bit too abrasive sometimes for my taste but it seems to work with Roarke and you can excuse it because you know there’s a likely reason for her behavior that’s no doubt connected to what little you know of her nightmarish childhood.

Of course the murder is solved at the end and Eve and Roarke are at another point in their relationship all the while leaving the reader to wonder what steps she plans to take to solidify things more. After finishing the book I thought I’d be done with the series but I am interested in what happens next and how Roarke and Eve’s relationship develops.
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08/15/2009 page 100
31.25% "Good mystery and romance. Eve has "issues" man (!)" 2 comments
08/16/2009 page 296
92.5% "Not enough romance :(" 9 comments

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Stamatia Yes, East that's how it was for me too. I wanted to know what's next for them

Eastofoz Glad I'm not the only one Stamatia :) This series has some die hard fans ;)

Dina Eastofoz wrote: "This series has some die hard fans ;)"

Yup! *raises hand*

I'm glad you're going to give this series one more try, East. If Immortal in Death doesn't grab you, then you can say these books aren't for you.

LibraryLass My hands raised way up too! The thing to note with this series, I think, is that the romance and intimacy between Roarke and Eve heat up and develop naturally over the course of the series rather than in one or two books.

Personally, I love them to bits, but IMO they are not romantic suspense books. More like suspense/mystery with some hot sex and a hot couple in the mix. The whole cast of characters develop over time and they certainly grow on you.

Having said all that, I agree with Dina...try another 1 or 2 and if you don't like how they develop then they aren't for you.

message 5: by Tammy (new) - added it

Tammy You took the plunge!? I haven't yet. Still too intimidated by the MANY books in this series!

Eastofoz Thanks for the info Dina and Library Lass :) I'll give it another go --I have the first 28 or so I think 8-)

Tammy I took the plunge with the first book a while back and I liked it but I thought the second would be as good or better but it wasn't. Series lover that I am I didn't mind the number of books so far ;)

Teryl I love the side characters the best in this series.

Ally72 Super review East! I just read this book a few weeks ago and had to stop because I knew I would read the series too fast. Although, reading your review makes me want to start book three NOW! Are you going to read the third right away or wait?

Eastofoz Thanks Alexis. I'll be waiting a bit before I read book 3.

message 10: by [deleted user] (new)

Great review, East!
I'm one of those huge fans :).. However I didn't reach a 5* book, till book 4: Rapture in Death. Until then I wasn't completely in love with the series. So I definitely agree with Dina on seeing how the next couple of books fair for you. :)

Eastofoz Thanks Audball. Hmmm, well I've got the books so I'll just keep going slowing but surely and maybe I'll get hooked :)

message 12: by Dina (new) - rated it 5 stars

Dina That's the spirit, East! :)

Eastofoz With all those books I went crazy getting Dina I'm going to try damn hard to love this series (lol!)

Like your festive Santa pic by the way :)

message 14: by Dina (new) - rated it 5 stars

Dina Well, 4 stars is a good rating, right? So even if you don't love these books, you'll still have a good time reading them... I hope!

P.S.: I like to change my avatar now and then, and I thought it was time I did it for Christmas. :)

Eastofoz Dina wrote: "Well, 4 stars is a good rating, right? So even if you don't love these books, you'll still have a good time reading them... I hope!

P.S.: I like to change my avatar now and then, and I thought it ..."

Yes 4 stars is a good rating for me because it's still a good book but there isn't enough romance so far to make me rush out and buy the next book. Seeing as I have the next book in the series already I'll just keep on trucking ;)

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