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Roadmarks by Roger Zelazny
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Dec 30, 2008

liked it

While I like Zelazny (loved his "My Name Is Legion" book), I was drawn to this one because I use the cover art as one of my desktops.

After getting through to the end, I felt a vague disappointment. I can't quite place my finger upon it, but I felt as if it left too many loose ends. It was both interesting and disconcerting to see Zelazny use only "1" or "2" to mark chapters... actually, this is two different-yet-related stories that are slowly supposed to come together... and they do... sorta. Like I said, it seemed to finish on a whimper than a bang, unline John Brunner's "Stand On Zanzibar" which employed the same technique.

It was an experiment in writing and was probably "hot" in it's time and maybe I'm just getting older and more set in my tastes. The cover art drew me in, but I had to force myself to complete the book, only to be disappointed. So it went from 4 1/2 stars down to 3.

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