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The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman
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I really enjoyed this audiobook. Presented by a Full Cast, it was very easy to identify one voice from another, which was greatly appreciated. And the voice cast did a most excellent job! (Especially the narrator. He made the creepy scenes feel incredibly creepy.)

From my first review:
I don't really remember too much about this story. (And, unfortunately, I read it at a time when my interest in writing reviews was at a low.) So I can't tell you about how it ended or how I really felt about that ending, but it seems to me there were at least a couple of lines in this book that made me laugh, and I might even have cried in one (or two) place/s (I definitely cried at the end). But I'll need to listen to this book again before possibly upping my star rating from four - I really enjoyed it! - stars.

For now, it's enough to say that I really enjoyed this story, about a human boy, Nobody Owens, being raised in a cemetery by ghosts. His guardian was an interesting character, and I do not think we were ever told what he (Silas, I think is his name) was. . . I suspect (view spoiler), but I just don't know. And the "why?" behind why a human boy wound up in a graveyard to be raised by ghosts? Well, that story was told in a very creepy and chilling opening chapter (or chapters?).

I remember rather thrilling tales of Bod's adventures in the cemetery (and out of the cemetery), his making of new friends (some human, some . . . not), and of the group that was after him. So all in all, this was a pretty delightful story, and told with a full cast! :-)

In fact, I think I'm going to go ahead and increase my star rating to five stars. I can always lower it if needed after I find the time to listen to it again. ;-)

Updated thoughts after second reading:
I'm writing these thoughts immediately after finishing the book, while things are fresh in my mind, but I don't have much to add to what I remembered when I wrote my first review, above.

I do now have details on how this story ended. I have to say, I agree with my Swap-Bot friend Fiorella that "the Scarlett situation" was disappointing. (view spoiler) So I was pretty upset with her in that scene. :-(

The rest of the ending was heartbreaking. Bod is grown and (view spoiler) really did a number on my heart. *sob*

I mentioned in my second, final, status update for this second time through this book that I did not laugh out loud at all this time. (Also, I only cried at the end.) I think this is just because I wasn't able to focus entirely on the story for certain parts, and I suspect that the humorous parts went in one ear and right out the other when I listened this time. (I know for a fact that I missed some of the story. The phrase "fish and chips" is in here somewhere and I didn't hear it, this time.)

I still feel like this is a five-star story, though. Between a great story and the excellent voice cast, how can I not give it five stars?

I had something else I planned to add, but it's 5:30a, I haven't been to bed (yet), and the thought slipped away. . . Oh!

Is this story told in vignettes? I know the chapters were long. Was each for Bod at a different age? I think maybe the book was split in this way, but to know for sure, I'll need to read the print edition that my Goodreads friend Caly gifted to me. :-)

Hopefully my third time through this book will be with the print version, but I might listen to it again sooner, especially as I'm now listening to audiobooks while playing games on my phone. :-)
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100.0% "Once again, I cried at the end. Sadly, I did not laugh at all this time through, but I know that I missed hearing everything this time, so I'm assuming that I just missed the humorous part/s. Now to update my review while the story is fresh in my mind."
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