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Comfort Food by Kate Jacobs
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Sep 13, 2012

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Gus Simpson's star is fading. Once the darling of the newly-born cable cooking channel, Gus cooked her way to fame with her signature style and focus on entertaining and creating a warm and welcoming home. Now, with the revolution of the food industry and its new focus on the "hip" generation, idealized by beauty queen Carmen Vega, Gus finds herself being slowly driven away from the life she holds dear. Suddenly, Gus is realizing that she's gotten older and she just may not be ready for that. Can Gus revitalize her show - and her life - in time to save both? The answer comes during her final chance at reinvention and salvation of the show. A surprise NewYork snowstorm destroys her plans and leads to a surprising rescue attempt that brings Gus back to the spotlight in a new and totally different way and helps her see things and the people around her in a completely different light. But will she survive the chaos that results?

Much as I loved Jacobs' Friday Night Knitting Club Series, I was sure that I would be crazy about this book too. Unfortunately, I felt that its characters were flat and the story was mediocre. The plot unfolds slowly and the reader really doesn't become emotionally attached or involved with the character until the latter half of the book, when changes in the lives of all those involved come to a climax. Prior to this point, however, the book is slow-going and not all that interesting. In all honesty, I read the first half only because I felt a sense of loyalty to give it a complete try. I am glad that I remained to the end, as it did get better, but I definitely thought it was below the standard Jacobs set for herself in the knitting books. Though it tries to be as comforting as a Friday night with the knitting club, Comfort Food falls quite a bit short of its goal.

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