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Tears of the Broken by Angela M. Hudson
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Sep 13, 2012

did not like it
bookshelves: plagiarized, from-dust-to-dust, irritating-female
Recommended for: only if you are mentally retarded this book is for you
Read from September 13 to 14, 2012

Ara-rose!!! A book about a teen psychopath girl who drools over hot boys and a compulsive overeater! Stephanie Meyer would probably choke on her coffee if she found out this book was compared to Twilight series.
Bella was never sooooooo cheap.

Halfway through the book and all I could find some silly love talks and Ara's stomach growling and she is eating..and the whole procedure simply repeats itself. I don't understand why someone has to write 200 pages on how well two people are spending a romantic time together although it was made very clear from the very first page that they fell for each other at the first sight. The boy proposed on the fifth day of their meeting and announced that he loved her..There was no relationship building, tense moments growth on how they are going to reveal their feelings for each other..NOTHING! simply puff like that..ALL SAID AND DONE! so after that why we have to read 300 pages of bullshit with "Oh I love you!Oh you are so special!Oh you are so perfect. Oh you are so adorable!"ROFL! since when a guy tells a girl that she is adorable to the fact that she eats like a lady SHREK? WAS IT REALLY NECESSARY??? REALLY REALLY NECESSARY? And how is the writer going to defend herself if I claim that she had stolen not only ideas but also exactly same sentences from TWILIGHT? "Would it make you feel any better if I told you I've never had an accident?"..Sounds familiar?? As a reader I felt like the writer was obsessed with Twilight love, wished why the sweetest moments couldn't be a bit longer. Then probably she considered just to take the sweet scenes from twilight and make a story out of it. But this strategy failed totally as she squeezed the lemon so much that now it is only bitter, no more juice!

Okay, here are my final words: The writer needs to work real hard on how to be more creative or innovative.

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