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Never Say Never by Kailin Gow
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Sep 12, 2012

really liked it

I spent a huge portion of my teenage years in the basements of churches, civic centers and .... sneaking into bars - not to drink of course, but to mosh around in a pit of sweaty writhing bodies charged with the electricity of an (usually) awesome indie band that was on their way to making it big. In Never Say Never Gow completely brings me back to that awesome time but from a band's perspective.

Neve grew up surrounded by music, so it only seemed natural to start her own band. Starting at a young age with her band mates, they've spent years honing their sound. Now that they're all off to college together they play gigs when they can and attend classes most days - until their dreams nearly come true one night when a scout approaches them with the possibility of a deal with a record label. But it all comes quickly crashing down when a band member makes an untimely exit and it seems like all their hard work was for naught....until the very talented Danny Blue shows up...

Gow has Neve address the shadier side of being a rock star, like the drugs, alcohol and groupie one night stands. These things can become overpowering and often leads to the downfall of a lot of bands. But I loved that Neve was this perfect balance of fun and serious. She knows when to let loose, but she has this rigid determination to achieve a goal she's dedicated her life to. Neve's never given much thought to pursuing relationships, especially when she's surrounded by her all boy band mates who seem more like brothers than potential love interests. So she's made it her number 1 rule to never date any of her band members...but rules are made to be broken.

Kyle, Luc and Geoff all have it hard for Neve. Each vying and competing for her attention and each one approaching it differently. Sometimes it got very awkward and when I got to know these guys I squirmed right along with Neve. They've all been 'friendzoned' and Neve tries to do it as tactfully as possible but it's all bound to come crumbling down. I'm glad that at least one band member - Steve - seemed like he was genuinely not interested in Neve and he provided a great go-between and a voice of reason.

Oh Danny boy...I have a thing for British accented guitarists. They will always bring me back to James Marsters as Spike from Buffy the Vampire slayer *sigh*. Danny is someone that Neve can easily relate to. They both love music, he has the mental maturity that Neve needs but he's also got the whole tortured musician going for him too. Danny's back story was just constantly evolving the plot of the main story and it all pulled together perfectly - the boy's got some serious secrets!

Neve and Danny's romance starts out cute and innocent and quickly gets HOT. They fight the attraction to each other for the sake of the band and it just builds up the sexual tension until it finally explodes. The sex scenes are steamy but not over the top or particularly graphic. They enhanced the romance and play a pivotal role to Neve's development.

Gow's style is casual and upbeat, which makes it a super enjoyable and quick read. The character's each have a distinct voice and there's some hilarious moments of innuendo and wit. The plot of the story is pretty predictable but the way it was presented still made it engaging so that I was interested in seeing it to the end - which by the way was a doozie of an ending!! I was pretty much screaming NOOOOO at the end because I was so invested in the characters by that point - now I have to wait for the next book to see how this is going to play out...

Gow takes a reader on an exhilarating journey of love, friendship that proves that passion can drive you both on stage and off!
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