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The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken
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Sep 12, 2012

liked it
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Okay, finished reading this..

So... I have a bit of mixed feeling..
I am not so sure that I don't like it or like it.. It was in the middle..

In other words, it was sort of flat for me..

hmm.... it was Dystopian story where all kids have some kind of powers that caused the Government to issue a kind of security policy to capture all of those kids and put them in a special rehabilitation camp.. As what all dystopian-theme-stories, there were some belligerent/resistance movements.. The heroine was a girl named Ruby who was a girl with a-very-special-power, the dangerous kind.. She was prisoned for six years and by some accidents got help from a certain belligerent group to get out from the camp.. But then she found out that the group was not what it seemed.. so she ran away and stumbled to another runaway group consisted of three other kids with power who also escaped from other similar camp in other area..

Actually the story was pretty much fast-built.. at first it was quite interesting, but then at some point it was gone downhill..

There was some moments where I felt like my heart-racing and then there was other moments where I didn't feel amuse or intrigue.. I guess it was kinda happen in the middle towards the end..

There was indeed some elements of surprise that kept me reading it till the end.. But it did not really help to pick up the mood..

The character.... as for the heroine, at first I felt there was a gap on her character. Her character changed quite drastically once she was gone out from the camp. But then it was answered in other chapters and it gave some kind of understanding why she was behaving like that. But unfortunately, for others there was not so much developments.

However, I really liked a certain faked goodie-toe-shoes/hero/bad boy named Clancy Gray. He was a mystery and definitely not-in-the-good-side, and that what made his character really interesting. I felt there was more about him than what I read. I think his story deserved to be made into a novella. :D

But, it was pretty interesting dystopian story. Thou I believe it can be better and hopefully the second book would have "more-elements" that can hypnotize its readers ;)

Full review will come on

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September 12, 2012 – Shelved
September 15, 2012 – Started Reading
September 15, 2012 –
page 8
1.64% "Just read the 1st chapter. Wow, it's really intriguing and promising. The last two sentences of chapter one really gave me goosebumps.."
September 15, 2012 –
page 114
23.36% "the story is really fast-building. It reminds me a bit of Pandemonium, but different disease.. Like it so far"
September 17, 2012 –
page 206
42.21% "I don't like and understand why she keeps on lying.. (based on the circumstance)"
September 18, 2012 –
page 252
51.64% "This girl.. she shut herself for 6 years and suddenly she became very sharp-tongued and a bit annoying (I feel this way abt her).. I don't know.. I still feel like there's smth missing.."
September 19, 2012 –
page 310
63.52% "aaaaaaahhhhh.. that has changed everything.. okay okay, now I get why she is like that, with the lying and the change of her character.."
September 20, 2012 –
page 405
82.99% "there are some moments.."
September 21, 2012 – Shelved as: arc
September 21, 2012 – Finished Reading
December 25, 2012 – Shelved as: teen-or-ya

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Andi (Andi's ABCs) This book was excellent! Hope you enjoy it.

Deska Andi wrote: "This book was excellent! Hope you enjoy it."

Yes! I definitely will! XD

message 3: by Ankita (new)

Ankita so how is it...

Deska Ankita wrote: "so how is it..."

I don't really hv problem with the story setting. It's totally dystopian.. early pages were really engaging and still are.. I think my problem is only with the heroine, I just kinda feel that way.. like there is smth missing, a gap.. But other than that, it's good so far..

message 5: by Snigdha (new) - added it

Snigdha Prakash Is it worth reading?

Deska Snigdha wrote: "Is it worth reading?"

yes, it is.. if you enjoy reading dystopian story, I think you will like this.. remind me a bit of Pandemonium-esque with different disease.. and a bit of X-Men going-on.. Not perfect, but enjoyable and still interesting..

message 7: by Ariana (new) - added it

Ariana Too bad it didn't work that great for you, I simply can't wait to read it too. Hopefully I'll like it a bit better, as I've been waiting for it a very, very long time.
Did you read her other book?

message 8: by Deska (last edited Nov 26, 2012 11:25PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Deska Ari wrote: "Too bad it didn't work that great for you, I simply can't wait to read it too. Hopefully I'll like it a bit better, as I've been waiting for it a very, very long time.
Did you read her other book?"

it was okay.. I don't know, I just felt that it could be better.. But it is what it is.. look forward to your review once you read this ;) and unfortunately I haven't read her other book.. Hv you? Is it good?

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