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Program 13 by Nicole Sobon
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Sep 10, 2012

it was amazing
Read from September 13 to 16, 2012

This book starts out with a young girl leaving her boyfriends house late at night. Walking home, she gets hit by a car and no one is ever told what had happened to her other than her immediate family. This was because she was needed. Her family was convinced to give her body over to Vesta Corp in the name of science.

Then comes The evil scientist like man Charles McVeigh. McVeigh is a bitter man and along with his sidekick in crime Douglas Todd, they set out to extinguish the human race and replace them with human like programs. This is what they need the bodies for. They use the human body as a shell and insert a metal framing with a "core" and teach this program how to act and eventually feel as a human. They go around talking people into leaving there sick or dead family members with them thinking they will come back healthy or are helping in some way but little do they know they are never going to see their family members again. Well, not in the way they expect to that is.

Program 13 is what she is called. She was young. The youngest so far. She's taken to the programing wonderfully according to all the checkups she's been having. and McVeigh has taken a liking to this one. All programs go through different stages to eventually be deemed fit to enter the world as a "human". But Program 13 is different. She goes through her rigorous routine of hard drive inspections and pod modes but when she is suddenly taken out of level 1 and put into level 3 she doesn't understand why. Especially since shes a newer program. Only 3 months old. When she was taken from her caretaker from level 13 she has these strange feelings of sadness and loss she isn't supposed to be having at all. Level 3 is where the human feelings are typically downloaded into the programs and since she had just arrived there shouldn't have been feeling at all.

McVeigh and Todd realize just how different Program 13 is becoming after one of her scanning sessions. As they are coming back for her, Program 13 escapes from Vesta Corp with the help of her Caretakers Hayden and Tina. Program 13 or Emile, as she found out was her human name, is now out in the world and on the run from McVeigh and Vest Corp. Hayden escapes with her but fears for his families safety and parts ways with Emile but leaves her with money, a car, and directions to a place out in the woods where no one can find her.

As she was racing to get to the house and as far away from McVeigh and Vesta Corp as she possibly could, she almost runs into a boy. His name is Colton. Colton lost his parents in a car accident which His little sister was the only survivor of. She was taken to an orphanage to live so now Colton has no one. Agreeing to go with Emile they head off to the house. Colton doesn't know what he's gotten himself into. Emile is on the run from Vesta Corp and boy is he in for a surprise once he finds out what Emile really is and how she came to be.

Colton and Emile are in for the fight of their lives with Vesta Corp and McVeigh will do anything to anyone to get Program 13 back.

This book is non stop action and totally kept me at the edge of my seat the whole time i was reading it.
You will definitely love this book and will want to read Program 12 the short novella that goes along with it.


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