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Born at Midnight by C.C. Hunter
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Sep 10, 2012

it was ok
bookshelves: vampires, paranormal-books
Read on September 10, 2012 , read count: 1

Oh, my goodness! I am sad to give the book 1,5 stars

*runs behind a rock and cries*

This makes me feel terrible, having to write such a review that is, but I have to do it.
I wasn't impressed. At all. The plot was too slow. And was it me, or did it really resemble Fallen (Fallen, #1) by Lauren Kate ? School for deliquents? Really? And she finds out that she is a supernatural being that has the gift of ghost-whispering but has no clue if she is Fae, witch, vampire or werewolf? It killed me to red allllll those pages only to find out that there is going to be another book (ohhhh heavens!) in which Kylie is going to a "quest" to find what she is. And who knows, maybe it'll take the book after next to finally find out.

Points of miserability (I made that word up):
1. ANOTHER FREA***G LOVE TRIANGLE??? Someone save me!
2. How cliche the story was? Admit it (if you've read it)! Good girl falling for the bad guy(s)? Huh?
3. She literally spend soooo much time to accept that she was in fact paranormal and not, as she hoped for the better half of the book, lunatic or having a head tumor. I am telling you, she wore my patience thin! I was just about to intercept her (because yes, I have that magical power!) and smack her with my book on her head till she admitted it.

That said, and feeling really bad for having to give this sad review, I have to say that the author's writing wasn't that bad. It was really nice but I can't help but feel that she invested a lot of time for something not unique. The industry of publishing these days has really no uniqueness. It's the same basis for a story used in a whole bunch of different books. And that is bad, because it makes me desperate. Look at Jane Austen's work; after centuries and people still love them, or at least read them. All these books published now, I have a feeling that are going straight to oblivion.


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Nardie i didnt like it at all, i stoped reading on the page 100 or something but i really hated it. the worst book ever!!!!

Monica It doesnt remind me of fallen at all lol and if it did, its worth more stars than it. I could actually get through this one and Fallen was painful. Nothing could ever be worse than that book

Saccharine Sydney Shh, it's okay. Sometimes, bad reviews just have to happen. This is just one of those times. /shoulderpat

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