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Love in a Cold Climate by Nancy Mitford
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Dec 28, 2008

really liked it
bookshelves: winter-challenge, historical, 1001-must-reads

I normaly get really peeved when English books/films of a certain period have to have everyone either talking with frightfully posh BBC plummy diologue or sterotypical 'cor blimey Guvnor' Dick Van Dyke style fake cockney.

The frightfully frightfully posh Aristocracy in the novel are really what makes it what it is though, and completely acceptable as a. its written by an insider who was a Toff herself and daughter of a Baron so you can imagine she grew up in just such circumstances, b. because its taking the mickey out of their stuffy snobbishness the whole way through and c. because, well....they really are the aristocracy hob knobbing with Royals - more titles that you could poke a stick and presumably they would have behaved exactly like this (as opposed to your average middle class housewive who im sure only did in fiction). Its all superbly Gosford park and amusing - Maggie Smith could have had her pick of characters to choose from if they dramatised it (did they ever? im not sure)

I really enjoyed it... Even the narrator who comes of as the most likable and tolerant of all of them, manages to christen somebodies maid 'the slut' the moment she sets eyes on her without knowing a thing about her and continues to do so whenever the character is mentioned.

'How extrodinary'. said Lady Montdore, rather cheered up by the idea that some poor ladies have to live in Chelsea. 'Now who could she possibly have been'
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