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Bag Of Bones by Stephen King
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Sep 10, 2012

it was ok
bookshelves: paranormal-mystery-suspense

I did not enjoy the journey. I did not feel good at the end. Too many unclear dreams and partial psychic visions.

Underneath this was a good story and would have been a good novella. But I felt like the author threw in filler to make it novel length. The story begins with Mike losing his wife due to a brain aneurism (or something internal). The first 3 ½ hours are about Mike’s grief and writer’s block. I was tired of it. For me, the story finally begins when Mike meets three-year-old Kyra and her mother Mattie. Mattie’s husband died in an accident. Her wealthy evil father-in-law is suing for custody of Kyra. Mike becomes a friend to Kyra and Mattie and hires a lawyer to help them. The rest of the story has too much vaguery. Mike has several dreams and nightmares. He has many partial psychic visions. Ghosts are doing things, not fully explained. The local townspeople don’t like Mattie and later don’t like Mike. Their reasons and actions were not explained. Finally at the end there is a tell-all where someone asks Mike questions and Mike explains: back in 1901 this happened, then later these other things happened, and recently this happened and why. Tell-alls at the end are not a good vehicle for me. I prefer learning bits and pieces as one journeys through the story. So this disappointed me.

At the end of the book I was not clear about things, for example why certain local townspeople did what they did. I wanted to know more about Max and Rogette. Max tried to kill someone, but it didn’t work. So why didn’t Max hire someone to do it? He hired someone to kill another. Why didn’t the shooter’s buddies help the shooter when the shooter was in trouble? A good guy tries to help a drowning bad guy. The bad guy bites the hand trying to help and ends up dying. Why bite?

There was a horrible-violent-rape-murder scene. It was depressing and stayed in my thoughts too much afterwards. A short part of the story has depressing and sad content about prejudice and violence against blacks. Language includes racial slurs.

Stephen King narrated. I believe he did the local Maine accent well. I love him as an author but not as a narrator. He says Mondeey, Tuesdeey, and a few other things which are unpleasant for me. I prefer actors with generic accents.

In this book Norris Ridgeway has a small part as sheriff. Norris says that the former sheriff Alan Pangborn and Polly moved to New Hampshire. (They were the main characters in the book Needful Things.)

Narrative mode: 1st person Mike. Unabridged audiobook reading time: 21 hrs and 21 mins. Swearing language: strong, including racial slurs. Sexual content: three sex scenes vaguely referred to, plus one rape scene described in detail. Setting: mostly 1998 Maine. Book Copyright: 1998. Genre: paranormal mystery suspense. Ending: Good for some good guys, not all.

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message 1: by Troy (new)

Troy Mccombs I agree about the "filler" for BOB. All the description distracts me for the story.

Jane Stewart Thanks for writing Troy.

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