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Bed of Roses by Nora Roberts
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it was ok

I read this book after having read and enjoyed (to a certain extent) Vision in White, the first book in this series. In my review of that, I said that I had read the preview chapter of Bed of Roses, and found Emma a much easier character to like than Mac.

And this is true, up to a point. She's not cynical or stubborn like Mac, but Roberts goes almost too far in the other direction, making Emma a little too perfect. She's beautiful, nice, romantic, dreamy, amazing at her job, and, presumably, pretty darn good in bed. It's no wonder Jack, a long-time family friend, has liked her for years. When they start seeing each other without any firm commitment, Emma realises that she is starting to fall for him. But Jack is a notorious commitment-phobe, so Emma decides to keep things light until he realises how much he loves her.

I have a number of issues with Bed of Roses. Firstly, that 'family' that I mentioned Jack being a long-time friend of? It's not really Emma's actual family, although Jack has known them a long time too. No, it's the Vows girls; Mac, Parker, Laurel and Emma herself, along with Parker's brother, Del. Del is Parker's brother, but has decided that, in fact, all the other girls are as good as sisters, to the point where he gets offended when he sees Jack kissing Emma, and punches him in the face. The reason for this is that Del apparently feels responsible for the girls, ever since his and Parker's parents died in a car crash. This just doesn't ring true for me. I can understand him feeling parental responsibilities for his actual sister on the loss of their parents when she was in college (sort of). But to punch his best friend in the face because he kissed another of the girls? Really? Especially when, if the predictable nature of these books is anything to go by, (view spoiler).

Another issue is how clichéd Jack's character is. He's scared of commitment because his parents are divorced. When explaining this to Emma, he acknowledges that he is a cliché, but this doesn't really make it any more acceptable on Roberts' behalf. Last time we had Mac who was scared to commit to Carter, this time it's Jack with the issues.

(view spoiler)

The conflict that any modern romantic novel needs was a bit weak too. (view spoiler)

None of this is to say that I didn't enjoy it. It was a perfectly pleasant read, and I'll be carrying on with the series to its conclusion. Despite what I said about Laurel earlier in the review, I am looking forward to Savor the Moment, because I think Laurel might be the most realistic, and therefore likable, of all four girls.
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