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Crossroads by Mary Ting
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Sep 09, 2012

did not like it
bookshelves: young-adult, heroines-that-need-a-good-slap

If I could have given this 0 stars I would have.

I'm a big fan of young adult novels and enjoyed the imagination behind this book.
I'm afraid to say that that was the only part. The author has had an interesting idea which in my opinion has not achieved anywhere near its full potential due to poor editing, writing and characterisation.
I could not get on with the juddering writing style of 8 words a sentence which in my opinion completely stopped the book finding any flow and meant I had no hope of getting sucked into the story. I guess this is partly down to personal preference though as I often find first person books a bit jarring, yet I have never encountered one like this before.
The speech was completely unrealisic and so were the characters. I often found myself cringing at the declaration-of-love scenes which were some of the worst written things i've ever read. Don't get me wrong, I usually love a good romance story line- i'm a big fan of twilight etc. But the great 'love' story between the characters was completely based on nothing, they looked at each other and were all WOW I LOVE YOU MORE THAN LIFE. Would it have killed her to add a bit of conversation first? Light flirtation maybe?
Honestly this book felt like it was written by a 14 year old girl. Who then didn't edit it.
I guess that is her target market and maybe many 14 year old girls will love this story. But if you aren't an obsessive boy-band-screaming-at young girl I would stay the hell away.
I felt no connection to any of the characters or action (honestly, this entire book made me cringe to my core- even a funeral, which is meant to be involving and sad and moving had me laughing at the awful writing and frankly melodramatic musings of the protagonist.)

If you like books about angels i'd honestly recommend Angelfall by Susan Ee... gripping plot, well written and with a kick ass main character. Please read Angelfall instead.

I'm sorry Mary Ting, but you had a good idea and it just didn't translate properly into a book. Please keep having good ideas and writing but take a writers course too.

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