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everything is fine and dandy for mel. she has good grades, a supportive family and two best friends to share everything with. that is, until a vampire --the first ever-- decides to attend their school. everything changes and there is nothing mel can do about, or is there?

where vampires and mel are, disaster follows and hilarity ensues thereafter. as a rule the sidekick character most commonly fills out the goofy and/or supportive role for the main lead. in team human the american born chinese (!!yay!!) sidekick already is the main lead and oh, what a treat! not only is she witty and loyal, she's sensible to boot too. one of her best friends strongly believes herself to be in love with the aforementioned vampire (francis) after only a few days and is ready to be transitioned into one herself at the age of 17, mel is understandably upset about this revelation and fights tooth and nail to prevent this from happening. because even though as a vampire one is granted immortality and eternal youth, sunlight will be an aspect you will never again be able to enjoy and also .. vampires cannot laugh o.0 (yes, therefore they can only brood and meet the criteria of the "brooding" vampire).

a world were humans and vampires more or less peacefully cohabit a planet, but still prejudiced against another, might as well be a placeholder for lgbt or non-caucasian people. poking fun at familiar ya tropes, team human is a delightful combination with food for thought and a lot of laugh-out-loud moments, keeping the reader entertained from the first to the last page.

p.s. also, am i the only to draw character similarities between pride & prejudice and team human?
p.p.s. my first book ever to read on a (sadly only borrowed) kindle touch!

team human | pride & prejudice
cathy <----> jane
francis <----> darcy

****** ******** ********* *********** ********
"look, mel. can you admit that you might be a tiny bit biased against vampires? don't you feel that you might have judged them a little quickly? what if i asked you to learn more about them?"
"we could read a book about them together if you wanted," i said, with visions of highlighting all the bits that said POTENTIALLY FATAL.
cathy smiled. "you know how i love books. but i was thinking about a more hands-on experience."
"you want me to put my hands on francis?" i made a face. "isn't that kind of a best friend no-no, cath?"


****** ******** ********* *********** ********

"no problem," i said, patting him below the knee. he shot me a strange look. "um, no," i told him. "my touching your knee does not mean i want to have sex with you."
kit blushed. "i didn't--"
"you know, when you're a vampire, you won't be able to blush anymore."
he went even redder.


****** ******** ********* *********** ********

"your family's not that into soccer?"
"well, no," kit said. "not that we don't do activities together. francis taught me how to waltz."
i burst out laughing. "i'm sorry -- what?"
his voice warmed. i could imagine him being delighted he'd made someone laugh, even over the phone.
maybe not just someone. maybe delighted he'd made me laugh.
"yes, well. at first he tried to instruct me and mom together, but mom said she'd never liked waltzing much herself [..] and in the end francis said that we were all impossible and nobody was properly dedicated to the child's education or ever thought about how i would conduct myself in society and how it would reflect on them all. so francis ended up waltzing with me himself."
"are you a credit to francis?" i asked, solemnly.
"oh, i'm an excellent waltzer. sadly, i don't actually know how to lead ..."
i thought of several excellent jokes about kit's first ball gown and also his dance card, but i pulled myself back.

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0.0% "I couldn’t see where the head cheerleader Robyn Johnson’s hands were, but she was leaning pretty close to Francis, and for a brief moment his facade of beautiful indifference cracked.\n \n I’d never seen anyone look scandalized before. It was kind of hilarious."
September 8, 2012 –
0.0% "“And it’s nice how he doesn’t want to, you know, take advantage of girls,” Cathy went on.\n \n “I don’t think he likes girls,” I said. “Or boys. Look at the horror on his face. He doesn’t look like a people person.”\n \n “He’s probably shy. It’s very overwhelming being the only new person at school.”\n \n “Or the only vampire.”"
September 8, 2012 –
0.0% "“We’d better be getting back.”\n \n I nodded. “Something momentous could be happening. The beautiful Francis could have turned his head and given us a view of his amazing profile.”"
September 8, 2012 –
0.0% "“I would be delighted to join you.”\n “That’s awesome, Frank,” I told him, and slid firmly between him and Cathy.\n Francis regarded me coolly.\n \n “So you vampires living forever,” I said. “You must need a lot of hobbies to keep from going completely mad. My grandma swears by knitting. Do you knit, Francis?”\n “I do not,” said Francis.\n “Ah,” I said. “Do you crochet?”\n This time he didn’t bother to answer."
September 8, 2012 –
0.0% "My chair was so close to Francis’s that I was practically pressed up against him. As far as I could tell—and I knew that Cathy would have questions later—he was leanly muscled all over. Not that I would tell her that. I was planning on reporting arms like undead spaghetti."
September 8, 2012 –
0.0% "Cathy looked at Francis with such adoration I could have cried. How could she not see through him? He was studying us, and goodness only knew why. He didn’t care about us as people, but as specimens of humanity. It beat me why he couldn’t just watch TV and get all his questions answered that way."
September 8, 2012 –
0.0% "He rose as soon as he saw me, and held out my chair.\n \n When I sat down, he poured me a glass.\n \n I hate chivalry. Now how was I supposed to slap him in the face?"
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Sarah oh i can't wait to see what you think of this one

jesse it's hilarious so far!

message 3: by jesse (last edited Sep 09, 2012 09:04AM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

random excerpt:

does it mean you can’t speak chinese?

i can’t speak mandarin or cantonese or hakka or any other chinese language. neither can my parents, who are also abc*,” i said, and made a face at francis.

francis did not respond to my face making as well as he did to cathy’s damsel-in-distress glances.

i thank you for doing me the courtesy of informing me on the subject,” he said calmly. “i am most interested in the magic of other cultures.

i’d thank you to do me the courtesy of informing yourself,” i replied, doing my best francis imitation. “get interested in the magic of search engines.

*american born chinese

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