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Lord's Fall by Thea Harrison
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3.9 Stars.

This is the 5th book in the series it is the second story featuring Pia and Dragos. I'm sure the others are good and I might end up reading them at some point but as of now I haven't. When writers jump around you never know if you can just read the books featuring your favorite characters or have to read the series to know what is going on. I was pleased it wasn't the case here (you don't need to read the other books to know what's going on the author does a good job of explaining without boring you to death). If anything reading this book made me want to read the others so I would have a deeper understanding of what happened.

Pia and Dragos spend time apart for the first time since they have met. Dragos is in NY residing over the Wyr games while Pia travels to SC to meet with the Elves. This book deals a lot with their relationship and how they are going to make it a partnership. I ALMOST like this book better then the 1st (more excitement). Don't worry Pia still gets into trouble and there is fighting. There are lots of great new characters added plus we get to learn more about of all the old too. Can't wait to see Pia, Dragos,Quentin, Alexander,Graydon, and Liam again.

The only complaint I have with this author is she tends to use awkward words that don't seem in character or situation.

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