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Shadows in Flight by Orson Scott Card
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Sep 07, 2012

really liked it

Ender's Game is one of my favorite Sci-Fi books. It is a book that go back to and read every few years. When Card started writing his shadow series I had mixed emotions, and was pleasantly surprised by Ender's Shadow. I feel the same for Shadows in Flight, though I think this may be my favorite in the Shadow series.


First in regard to this book, it is a fitting farewell to a beloved character. The book isn't long and though you don' get a whole lot of face time with bean, you do through his children. At first I thought Card was going to have a repeat of Ender, Valentine, and Peter when you are introduced to Ender Carlotta and Cincinnatus. However, Card quickly allows these children to develop into something else and particularly something else as a community of siblings. So it is a short and sweet book.

As for the Shadow series as a whole, I find it interesting when writers or movie writers try to right prequel to works that do really well (Looking at you George Lucas). There seems to also be a revisionist mindset when that happens, that the author needs to change things slightly. Card doesn't do anything huge with his Shadow changes, but he realizes if he wants a series of books he has to do some tweaking. He continues that with Shadows in flight, and I have mixed feelings about the changes. I understand how it makes things more complicated and intriguing, however it also puts a shadow (if you will) on the earlier works that had different plots/information/etc. This makes me a little nervous with the books card is writing about the first Formic/Bugger war. Regardless it is a series worth reading, and I look forward to reading the next work which should connect the children of Bean and Ender.

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