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it was amazing
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Dark Legacy: Book I - Trinity includes both a short novella (The End of the Kai) plus the first book of the Legacy series (additional books are still being written). Because I could read it on my ereader for free I also downloaded The End of the Kai and read (and reviewed) that. The End of the Kai includes the novella plus the first three chapters of Trinity.

The End of the Kai is an interesting story and well written, however it leaves you wanting to know more about what will happen (or had happened since this all was supposed to have taken place thousands of years ago). The transition from The End of the Kai to Trinity was a hard cut and a little awkward if you don't realize that Trinity starts a completely new, mostly unrelated story. Elements from The End of the Kai don't really come into play in Trinity until the very end of the book. I'm hoping that more of the The End of the Kai story will be revealed in the other, forthcoming Dark Legacy books. Occasionally in The End of the Kai I found some of the characters, scenarios, and story a little confusing. It jumps right into a lot going on and there is a very complex social, political, and religious structure that is apparent in the Atlantean society, but for the most part the information unfolded in a way that wasn't too overwhelming. I do wish there was more substance to the whole story though to give more background, flush out the characters a little more, and continue past where the novella ended.

Trinity starts a completely new story set in a small village on the fictional(?) lost continent of Lemuria. At first I was wanting to know more about Atlantis, but quickly I got engrossed in Kieko's story. This is a story of a boy becoming a man, learning about mysterious forces in the universe and his relationship to a dark past through the teachings of a wizened master who encourages Kieko to let go of anger and darkness and embrace peace and light. There are plenty of similar plots abounding in literature, both past and current. But the most obvious parallels are the Star Wars stories, particularly the original trilogy that tells the story of Luke's rise from humble farmer to Jedi Master. But this is definitely not Star Wars. You won't read this and think "Hey, he ripped of George Lucas", but you will read it and think "That's kind of like when Luke..." It's enough to make you start thinking about how this story would look awesome on the big screen.

At times the pace of the book is very slow, but it never felt unnecessarily slow. As Kieko goes through his training and learning if the Ki philosophies you feel like you are also learning and going through similar training exercises. Concepts are repeated, but not in the condescending way some authors have of trying to make sure their readers don't forget what's happening, but in a way that makes you feel as if you are progressing through the training process with Kieko. It really is a fascinating ride and though provoking as well.

There are dozens of pages of glossary and character lists, and I read most of them and skimmed the rest. I'm not sure they were absolutely necessary since, as I said, most of the information is presented gradually enough to catch on, but it is nice to have the guides for reference. One thing I noticed is that some terms say to reference the guides in other books of the Dark Legacy series, books that haven't been written yet, so that was a little weird.

Overall, this was a great read. There were a few typos and grammatical mistakes; more than in a book from a typical mainstream publisher, but not enough to detract from my enjoyment of the story. Domenico has an excellent tale to tell and tells it very well. I am anxiously awaiting further installments in the Dark Legacy series.

>> As a disclaimer, I did receive my copy of Trinity for free via a Goodreads giveaway. I don't know the author, however, and my review was not influenced by winning the book. <<

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