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Breaking Through by Teresa J. Reasor
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really liked it

This book packs a punch. There are so many emotional moments I cried at a few of them.

This book is a continuation from the first book. Brett is now released from the hospital but still isn't cleared for duty. Zoe and Hawk are still very much in love but not rushing things even though Zoe is keeping a secret from him. Brett and Zoe's mom comes back and she runs into Brett's Dr from when he was in a coma, Russell and his son at the airport and sparks fly. All the old team is back except for Derrick who is in jail and Flash who is still missing/AWOL.

Brett and Tess Brett still hasnt been cleared for duty and he is asked to do a speaking engagement in front of 200 women. Not his idea of funny especially with the speech problem his still has from the attempt on his life. Tess is at the event to cover it for the paper she works for. They both are attracted to each other but with everything that is going on it Brett's life getting involved with a reporter probably isn't the best thing. But when Brett is accused of the disappearance and possible death of the teen child he and Derrick were to have dropped of at his home in Iraq he knows he is going to need to help to expose what is really going on. It was good to see Brett back on his feet even though it seemed like it was just one bad thing after another as far as his job went. He and Tess made a great team and couple once they really started trusting each other.

Zoe and Hawk (view spoiler) Hawk who is still reeling from the betrayal of Derrick against the team and is now facing charges from the way he and the team went in and saved Zoe, Brett and Derrick's girl friend from Derrick. Hawk is the leader of these band of men and he still had a strong presence in this book. It was great to see how his and Zoe's relationship was progressing.

Clara (mom of Zoe and Brett) and Russell Clara who was very prominent in the first book but had left to go help her other daughter toward the end comes back to be with Brett and Zoe. At the airport she runs into Russell who had been Brett's Dr. He is there to pick up his son who he hasnt seen in a while. Both Clara and Russell realize he is very sick when they see him. Clara who is like the best mother hen around decides she is going to cook for them and bring it over and this starts a beautiful romance between the two. But it also is the most heartbreaking where Russell's son Evan is concerned. Their story in the book had me crying more than once.

As all of these stories are going on, the father of the missing Iraqi boy makes a grave mistake and goes to a radical terrorist to exact revenge on those who he thinks killed his son. This puts Brett and the whole team including there families in grave danger.

As this is an on going series there are still many loose ends. I know its going to be the last book of the series before we find out what really went wrong with Derrick. I dont know who's next in the series but I cant wait.
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message 1: by [deleted user] (new)

Great review, Cindy! I've never heard about this series... Gonna check it out! :)

Cindy ~ Its a really good series. Hope you like.

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