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Nexus by C.L. Parker
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Sep 06, 2012

it was amazing

Nexus is the final book in the Supernova Saga (it actually comes out TODAY) and I’m so glad I got the pleasure to read these books and I’m also quite sad that it is over. To know about Nexus, you should read the previous books first. Be aware that this book is the THIRD in a series and if you have not read the previous two books there will be some spoilers in this review.

Nexus is about the daughter of Kerrigan and Dominic Grayson, Victoria Milena Cruz-Grayson, better known as Tori. Tori are a 21 year old woman who is a carrier of a mixed bloodline. She carries the Guardian of light from the Cruz side and the Guardian Angel bloodline from her father’s side as well as blood of a demon incubus. The carrier of a mixed bloodline, she was the key. Foretold by her great-grandmother Availia Cruz, Tori’s destiny would be to carry out something monumental, something that might affect the future of mankind. She is the Guardian of Mankind. What does that mean? She has no clue, to what is in store for her. Will she stay light or will her dark peek its ugly head out?

The family along with uncle Colton and Aunt Gabe decided to go to London on summer vacation to stay with longtime friends Drew, Sinclair and Dante Dickens. Drew is also a Guardian of Light. Tori will soon find out the Dickens’s son is a Guardian of the Guardian which means he’s Tori’s Guardian. His job is to protect Tori no matter what so she can fulfill her destine, which is still unknown to what it entitles. While getting to know Dante, Tori and he feels a pull to each other, and their relationship starts to flourish. Could they be soul mates, are they destined to be together forever? While trying to figure out what is going on with the feelings she is having for Dante, she is keeping a huge secret from everyone she knows.

Tori has faced horrible nightmares all her life, but when she turned eighteen they got worse. Demons inhabit these dreams and wreak havoc and kill everyone in her dreams. Soon not only is she seeing these demons while she is sleeping, but also while she is awake. Is she going crazy, losing her mind? What is wrong with her? There is also another man in Tori’s life, which only she can see and has been seeing since she can remember. They have grown up together, but during all these years she still doesn’t know his name, he will not tell her. Who is this unnamed man and what is his motives? Soon Tori will have her questions answered about why he wants her so bad.

Tori is facing questions she has no answers to. What was right and what was wrong? Which way was she supposed to go? Which was the lesser evil and what would be best for all those involved? Will her dark side take over and will she lose her light and goodness? The final battle between light and dark wouldn’t be fought on earth, no light and dark resides inside Tori, and that is where it will make its final stand. Will she prevail and choose the right side? Will her love concur all? What is her future with Dante. What is her future period?

Nexus is an amazing read, full of secrets, horror, and romance. The relationship between Tori, Angle (as Dante calls her) and Dante is a whirlwind romance, full of ups and downs. I was rooting for them the whole time and wanting them to finally get the deed done, lol. While I started this series, I was thinking I would be reading a book for teens, well that wasn’t the case. These books are full of adult content and I loved it. The author keeps up the pace with this book just like the previous ones. I thought I would miss seeing the relationship with Kerrigan and Dominic, but I didn’t because the relationship with Dante and Angle was just as hot and sweet. You get little snippets into the other during the read as well and see their point of view. I got sucked into Nexus and I absolutely loved it. I laughed, got pissed, angry and even shed a few tears. I will warn you the ending is heart breaking, but there is also a BIG surprise you will not be expecting. I give this book 5 stars!

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Quotes from the Book:

“I swear, I’m dealing with some geniuses. Cooter….it’s right next to your pooter, which sometimes doubles as a tooter, duh! Ha! Lookie, snookie! I’m a poet and didn’t know it. I can also connect the pooter and roto-rooter if you want me to.”-Aunt Gabe

“I’m the Guardian of the Guardian, Angel. I believe you’ve underestimated exactly what that means. Partly my fault, of course. I must have failed to mention that besides the circumstances of our births and our markings, there was another reason my father figured me to be your protector. I can do things no other Guardian can.”-Dante

“No, I don’t just care. I bloody love you! And I’m not about to give up on you or us. I intend to fight for you, not because I’m destined to, but because I believe in what we have.”-Dante

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