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The Pursuit by Johanna Lindsey
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Sep 06, 2012

did not like it
bookshelves: romance

Even on a brainless level, this was bad. Mostly, I was just so bored. The tension was pitifully weak, and completely hinged on external forces.

Let me back up and give you a brief overview: Lincoln falls in love with Melissa at first sight, and visa versa. The trouble is she has 16 uncles who don't like him because of something he did when he was 10. It was largely a misunderstanding, but they think he's crazy because he wouldn't stop fighting him even when he was beaten to a bloody pulp. No one even questions how crazy it is for 16 men and boys to all gang up on a single 10-year-old boy, but anyway...they won't let their niece marry someone who might go crazy and hurt her.

The premise was weak. The characters were weak. The over-the-top love at first sight thing was weak. It was barely a romance because it was more about him gaining approval from her family than it was about the two falling in love, which they did within five minutes of first meeting one another.

There was little to actively hate. It was just so completely uninteresting.

I don't recommend.
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message 1: by Torre (new)

Torre What amazes me is the hero was 10 for gods sake. When the heroine asks him you didn't think to wait for stuff to calm down, he was 10. This is the most asinine feud I have ever heard of. Even if he would of shot and killed one of them he was only 10. Then the dukes son punches him and he does nothing that would tell me he isn't dangerous. I skipped through the whole book pretty much.

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