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Naked by Raine Miller
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Sep 06, 2012

it was amazing

There's been a lot of flack in regards to whether or not this book/series is similar to the Fifty Shades series. I personally found this book better than the 50's series because of the excellent character development and this author actually has talent. Someone said before that Ethan seemed to have multiple personalities? What? Huh? What have you been drinking? You shouldn't drink and read, lady. I thought Raine Miller described Mr. Blackstone clearly and left just enough allure that kept the reader intrigued to the very end.

Brynne was nothing like Ana (Gray). She actually had a backbone and tried to resist the mysterious man practically knocking her door down where as Ana dropped her virgin panties at the first offer. Brynne was her own person. Period. Brynne didn't go from being a Wal-mart clothes wearing college student to over night fashion diva either. Really in what world does that happen? Brynne remained the same throughout the entire book.

As far as the sex scenes...okay am I the only person that noticed the sex in 50 was repetitive? No? Okay that is where Raine Miller blew that series out of the water. There was a few steamy scenes and each one differed than the last. Can we say "Thank you, Raine?" *nods* Why yes we can? Can we appreciate her indepth description of his *clears throat* well endowed member? Why yes we can! The sex though powerful did not give off the BDSM "attempt" FSoG did. I often wondered if EL even Googled proper DOM/Sub technics when she wrote the book.

As far as the length of Naked? Really? Are you all spoiled by the fluff that bores the living daylights out of me like most of the new bandwagon books? Twilight- fluff. FSoG- FLUFF FLUFF FLUFF. All of those books could have been condensed into one maybe two. I still have a palm print on my forehead from the Aspen scene in the last book. Raine did us all a favor by NOT adding unnecessary fluff to this book and the ending was such a surprise. Way refreshing than, Oh you spanked me, I'm leaving you.

So there, those who ranked this book badly and compared it, there's my 2 cents on how Naked blew that series out of the water. Great character development, a great plot, NO FLUFF, amazing sexual interaction, and an ending that left me begging for more (which by the way is what a series is suppose to do).

Now here's my review posted on Amazon (Which incidentally I had intended to post):
I will probably have people throwing stuff at me or hating my comment because they love 50...but doggone it, Naked seriously put that book to shame. This book does not have any repetive scenes and the directive taken with Raine Miller with her characters is amazing. There was no room for doubt on how each character looked, felt...drove me insane with desire (I'm talking about Ethan Blackstone of course). Brynne is not a weakling by any means. Though she has a troubled past, she is strong and has a backbone. I love that as I hate weak females in romance novels. Ethan is demanding and a little overbearing but it works for him. I liked it..a lot. I cannot wait for the next installment to this series. This author really rose above and beyond her other books, and I truly loved the historical romances.

Again, Raine...once again you blew me away! I scared my poor children screaming at my Kindle because I am dying for more. Dying, Raine!!!

Get this book, fall in love with Ethan and thank me later when you agree it is fantastic! I will leave this review with one final statement... Christian who?
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