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A Bad Day For Voodoo by Jeff Strand
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Sep 05, 2012

really liked it
Read from September 05 to 10, 2012

What do we have here? Let’s see … to begin with, the protagonist is called Tyler Churchill. He is not dumb, violent or psychotic. He has a friend named Adam, who is a little … em … whacky. I mean, who would suggest your friend to use a car to crush the arms of a teacher just so that the teacher has no arms to grade another F for a test? (!!) Yeah, right ?? Wouldn’t you say that’s pretty whacky? I’d say so … and when Tyler is not into doing something destructive, Adam hands him … a voodoo doll of the teacher (?) !! O_O … I guess you’re now sort of getting some idea as to where this story is heading … Let me give you a little bit more of what’s happening here … Tyler, who is sort of in the mood to play along with Adam, pokes the leg of the voodoo doll with a pin and … splat … the teacher’s leg (an actual human leg) physically comes off and causes a bloody scene in the classroom (!!!) … are you still hanging in there with me? I guess now you really get the picture, right? Yep, this story is totally WHACKY!!

Strangely, I don’t mind the whacky tone here at all! Probably because things are just happening so fast, so eccentric and hilarious that by the time I reached the last page, I was like … really? That’s it? Time definitely seemed to have flown by without me noticing it.

Do I like the story? Yes.

Will I be re-reading this? Probably not … but I know a few friends who may just LOVE to read something like this.

I guess I can’t really tell you what’s the moral of the story. No, wait a sec … I’m wrong. Actually, I know what I could do to rectify this … I could quote you the theme of the story. Yes, that’s right. Our brilliant author, Jeff Strand, did offer the theme of the story somewhere in the book. Let me look this up for you … I’ve highlighted it in my e-copy … where is it now *sorry, my e-reader is not responding* … okay, I found it … and the theme is … drum roll please … “how you shouldn’t mess with forces you don’t understand”!! If you have an e-copy, you could look up this actual phrase when you scroll to 69% – 70% of the book. Isn’t this one great universal theme that is suitable for all people? ;)

I think this book is meant to reach a wide audience. I mean, who wouldn’t want something funny, snarky, whacky and hilarious with a positive theme that is meaningful and not monotonous? But if you’re all sober and you prefer to read something that makes you think about life and death in a humorless, solemn way, then this may seem a bit too frivolous for you.

A dark comedy that is snarky and casual, A Bad Day for Voodoo is crazily fun and down-right hilarious. If you’d like a story that will make you laugh-out-loud and cry with happy tears, you’ll want to give this one a try. Happy Reading! ;)

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Henrietta Sam wrote: "Well Adam sounds... interesting. ;) I don't think I have heard of this before so I will be sure to to check it out now. Great review, Henrietta!"

Thanks, Sam!

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