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Perception by Lee Strauss
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Sep 05, 2012

it was amazing
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I love futuristic science fiction especially gadety things like what the Jetsons have lol so this book was so perfect for me! I loved the world building. Zoe had a ComRing which was like the most awesome phone ever. I want one. Plus some pretty awesome appliances. Zoe is a genetically altered person. Her life span is doubled since she received the GAP treatment. But like with any scientific advancements there are people that don't believe in the treatment so they live on the "outside". This creates lots of class differences and rebellion. The GAPs have way better living conditions, especially Zoe, whose grandfather was actually part of the invention of GAPs.

Zoe's brother goes missing and she is determined to find out what happened to him. Liam was working on a secret project at the University with her boyfriend Jackson and another student. When she questions Jackson, he blows her off and seems to be hiding something. Zoe decides to disguise herself and venture to the outside for answers because of a clue she found in Liam's room. She runs into her housekeeper's son, Noah Brody, who is quickly onto her. Noah is a natural and completely against GAPs but he agrees to help her get to the truth.

Zoe Vanderveen, I love her name, was such a great sister. Whenever I read books or watch movies where a sister goes to amazing lengths to help her brother, I always tell my brother I would never do that. lol I liked that Zoe was strong and stuck to her beliefs. Even though Noah was a natural and had different beliefs, she didn't completely abandon hers for his. I would be thinking along the lines of Zoe. An extra 100 years and no illnesses sign me up, but Noah is less scientific and more spiritual. He still stands by Zoe and accepts her for who she is. Their romance was very sweet and easy to root for. Even though Zoe is with Jackson at the beginning it doesn't feel like a love triangle. Jackson is very cut off from Zoe as soon as Liam disappears.

The mystery kept me glued to the pages all night. I had an idea who was involved but there was a way bigger conspiracy going on than I thought and each piece was unraveled very thoughtfully to keep a great pace throughout the story. The one thing I that was difficult for me to get into was that after 73% it switches from Zoe's POV to Noah's. I love different POVs and I did eventually enjoy Noah's perspective but I would have rather it started sooner for me to get a feel for him before such a big switch. I was really connected to Zoe when all of a sudden I had to get used to Noah's voice. It was Noah's turn to make a decision about how involved he wants to get with Zoe and this conspiracy. Zoe will age completely different from Noah so their relationship will have many difficulties in the future. All my questions were answered by the end but everything is not resolved and I am ready to see where it goes in the next book!

"He grabbed my arm and pulled me close, his lips landing on mine. Apparently, it was more than okay. I kissed him back, surprised by my eagerness. His lips were soft and warm but his kisses were urgent. I wrapped my arms around his neck and grabbed onto his hair. He held my waist pulling me tight, body to body. If I'd questioned my humanity before, I didn't any more. The way I felt about Noah was very human."
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Lis  Carcamo (The Reader L) I want the ComRing, too!
So glad you liked it!

message 2: by Anagha Uppal (new)

Anagha Uppal That quote -- AWW!! This officially cements my NEED to read this!

Elizabeth(The Book Whisperer) Yea free!!!!!!!!!!!

message 4: by Sue (new) - rated it 4 stars

Sue Tint Thanks for the heads-up! I need a book like this right now :)

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Erika Thank you!

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Rebecca Thanks for letting us know about this freebie! I just got it!

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Kassy Thanks for the freebie.

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