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The Map of Lost Memories by Kim Fay
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Sep 05, 2012

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Irene Blum, a museum assistant in Seattle, has been ousted out of the top curator position she has worked hard all her life to achieve. In shock, and feeling betrayed by her peers, she is soon given an opportunity by a friend of her father's to find a batch of lost copper scrolls that tell the story of the mysterious lost race of Cambodia's Khmer people. The Kmer race was the civilization that built the wonderous archaeogical site of Angkor Wat that lies deep in the eerie jungles of Cambodia. Setting out to build a team to accompany her, Irene finds that her team members all have separate agendas of their own for why they wish to join her and all have very selfish and devious reasons to covet the final prize.

Although I usually enjoy these treasure hunter suspense thrillers, and even though I have interest myself in the lost history of the Khmer people, I found this novel a bit lacking in many ways. Kim Fay's character development offered no depth to any one of the lead players. This reader found that I didn't like or dislike any of the characters at all. The author gave them very little background history, no likeable personalities, and as a group she had them bickering with childish, selfish personas allowing no reader to root for them as they hunt for the hidden scrolls. The plot was lame; standard treasure hunting path with little excitement, thrills, or chills to keep you racing through the pages. In fact, I found myself putting it down for days not caring what really happened. To wrap this review up, the ending was not very enriching and I found it to be very anticlimactic with no surprises. On the whole, it's a so-so read and I feel nothing to write home about.
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