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Private by Kate Brian
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Dec 23, 2008

really liked it
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Read in May, 2009

3.5/5 I liked it, and it's an interesting story so far, but I don't really understand why Reed wants to be friends with the Billings girls which is why I rated it 3.5 instead of 4. She seemed content having no girl friends at her old school, and all of a sudden she wants to be friends with no one but the most popular girls who are pretty mean to her practically all the time. It just struck me as kind of weird, and I really couldn't relate to her after that. The story is intriguing though since it's a little dark and mysterious. I thought it would be fluffy like the Gossip Girl series, but it's a lot different. I'm definitely going to try out the next book or two.

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Sera I picked this one up, too, Sara. I agree that the freebies have been rampant over the last few weeks. I've picked up a half dozen or so. I generally order those that are usually 5 stars or almost 5 stars. I do love my Kindle :)

Sera Enjoy, Sara! Hope that you like it better than the GG series :) I know that I got hooked after the first 2 books so I have stayed away. However, I'll likely read a couple more this fall.

Sara W I just finished this one. I enjoyed it for the most part (and I'm definitely going to read the next couple of books - just ordered them through I'm just not sure why Reed wanted to hang out with the Billings girls so badly. I guess I can understand it "opening doors" to better opportunities, but doing all those bad things to get in! I'm just a goody-two-shoes I suppose. :) I'm definitely intrigued though. It's quite a bit different from the gossip girl books (which really fizzled out at the end of the series). This series seems a lot darker and mysterious whereas GG was a lot more fluffy and kind of flaky/ditzy.

Sera I'm glad that you enjoyed it. I think that Reed's family life definitely impacts her need to control her future so that she doesn't end up back home.

I also think that it's funny that this series is darker than GG, when I've seen the GG show and it's pretty dark, too. Are the books very different from the show? As I was reading Private, I kept thinking - my YA wasn't like this! I've read some other YA, not chick lit but sci fi stuff, and those books had an innocence about them that Private certainly does not.

Sara W Yeah, the GG books are a lot different than the show. Only the first show is like the first book. I started watching the 1st season of the show while reading the books, and it got really confusing trying to keep track of things. The show is definitely darker than the books. And I agree that YA has certainly changed! It's a lot smuttier and/or darker than I remember reading!

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