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The Good Woman by Jane Porter
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Sep 04, 2012

did not like it

Even with my strong feelings about adultery, I can read and accept it within certain circumstances. Some authors have the ability to create viable shades of grey that make me think, okay it is wrong, but I can understand why it happened. Ms. Porter is not one of them, at least not in this book.

At forty-two Mary Margaret Roberts (known as Meg) is dissatisfied with her life. After nineteen years together – seventeen of those years married - her relationship with her husband is stagnant. She loves him dearly but he doesn’t seem to be interested in her or make her feel sexy. Sex is so mundane – he just rolls on top of her and does his thing, not caring if she is satisfied or not. And she is tired of having all of the responsibility of the house and kids. He acts like the household magically runs itself. And then there is her family – as the oldest she has always had more responsibility than the others. It is difficult to live up to the expectation of always being the good one. But of course she is. Putting her family and her husband first, and then her relatives, is what a good person does.

Her employers Craig and Chad Hallahan make her feel appreciated though. In fact Chad tried once to work his magic charm on her, smiling at her with his sexy smile and really listening to her. She set him straight, quickly advising him that being happily married renders her immune to his allure. Although now, repeating that mantra doesn’t seem to be working.

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