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Hoarse Play by Sean Michael
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Sep 04, 2012

it was ok
bookshelves: bdsm, m-m

I picked this up because I was curious to see what happened to Matt and Adam of Sold when they decided to go off and set up a BDSM B&B where they could help people learn about BDSM. Adam had done a lot of shows/training. He also had an eating disorder which his relationship with Matt helped him tackle. (It does note that it’s not perfect, but better.)

Their first couple coming are Jackson and Burger. Jackson is a famous singer whose throat is on the cusp of giving out on him following surgery and Burger has been his off-again on-again lover and full-time manager and friend. He’s determined to be on-again, permanently, however party-boy Jackson is pissed about the whole concept of going away, and scared about his physical status.

Now the thing is, beyond suspecting that Jackson likes getting spanked, Burger really had no reason to come to a BDSM B&B, but … The story goes back and forth between the two couples with sex scenes with both couples. They very rarely interact and in fact Burger and Jackson barely come out of their room for the whole six weeks, and in true SM fashion, seem to rarely eat. This behaviour kind of throw Adam off who wants to help people, but Matt convinces him they are. There is one flogging scene where they show Burger and Jackson, Adam being flogged, but it’s pretty much two stories of two couples, who happen to be in the same house.

If you like fisting you get double the fun. No, not double fisting *shudder*, but out of the blue Burger goes at Jackson, neither of whom seems to have done this before and there is an enema/fisting scene with Matt and Adam. So we all know a SM books is sex, sex and more sex. But I actually went through and counted the number of pages that DON’T have sex on them, or aren’t leading up to sex, or intimating that sex is right around the corner. That is 32% There were 40 pages that did not have overt sexual activity on it, and of those, probably 10 had discussions about sexual activities but in a more conversational manner.

I was madly skimming by the end. I was happy to see Adam and Matt working together and Adam in a healthy place, I didn’t really need to see several sex scenes with them to prove it to me. I also found the similarity between the two couples and the sex scenes made it seem repetitive. There wasn’t any great gap between the two except obviously that Adam was more traditionally submissive and slightly nervous, but nothing stark that stood out for me between the two couples.

This is obviously meant to be a series, with other couples who come to the Briar Rose to learn and connect, but I seriously hope we can back off on the sex some, and especially that between Adam and Matt. They are deliriously happy with each other, there is no point to it, except to fill up the pages. Very little of the conflict between the two guests is talked about beyond one blow-out (which leads to fisting) and then we are told they are holed up in their room connecting, but none of the conversations are shown, we just have to trust that somewhere in those six weeks they figured out how to make it work.

I would give another edition a try, because I’d kind of like to see them actually showing another couple how to wield a crop or use a butt plug or SOMETHING, because this was just kind of a big fat nothing for Adam and Matt and I didn’t blame Adam for feeling like he didn’t do anything. They didn’t, besides provide a place for them to stay.

If you are in the mood for non-stop sex, snap it up. If you liked Adam and Matt and want to see how they are doing like I did? It might be worth a read. If you are interested in seeing another couple work out their relationship? Not so much, unless seeing them have sex five or six times is enough of a “solution” for you. Disappointing for me.
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