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Broken by A.E. Rought
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Sep 04, 2012

it was amazing
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Before I post my review, I must mention that I had originally given it four stars, but the more I think about it, and whilst writing my review, it is still going round and round in my mind making me think about it constantly. It needs, where I'm concerned, that extra star. I liked it that much.

REVIEW as per my blog

ARC received from publishers, Angry Robot, via NetGalley. Expected release: 3 January 2013

How to start.... I will say that it may not be for everyone, but heck, how many books aren't? Thankfully, I enjoy reading and love a wide range of genres. Stories that make me think and stories that make me try to dissect why certain people/characters are the way they are. I'd never heard of this author, and whilst browsing through NetGalley came across Broken. The cover caught my eye - it's beyond gorgeous - and the blurb, well, caught my mind. I liked what I read, so put in a request. I'm more than surprised at how much I enjoyed this book. It's YA, but you would never say. A.E. Rought did such a good job, I wouldn't have known that it was aimed at young adults. Make no mistake though, this story is in most part depressing and sad, yet when I was reading I could not help but feel connected somehow not to mention emotionally invested. It's written in first person POV and for this reason I became more attached to it's characters. Awesomely done, intriguing in the sense that I haven't read a book with this premise in... I don't know how long, it's haunting but beautifully romantic, too. This is a modern take on Frankenstein for sure and surprisingly enough, despite the heart wrenching sadness within, it was refreshing.

Emma Gentry is broken - exactly what this book's title states. She's recently lost her boyfriend, Daniel, who died in a horrific accident, or was it? Now, it goes without saying, we never get to meet Daniel, yet he is a huge part of this story and he manages to worm his way into your heart. Alex Franks, the new boy at school is quiet, covered up in more ways than one, riddled with scars and is just as broken, if not more so, than Emma herself. It's only fitting that they are so drawn to each other. Emma understandably feels riddled with guilt as Daniel was the love of her life, yet there's this new boy who with a touch, or a look, makes her tingle. There's something wrong with Alex Franks because he seems familiar although she'd never met him before, but still - there's also something right. Alex's father, Dr. Franks (Frankenstein?) is what's wrong with this whole scenario and in my opinion, is beyond sick. Alex is the product of his father's madness. You'll see. I don't want to spoil it too much. It's a story you have to read for yourself where within the confines of your mind and imagination you are sent on a twisted journey. Secondary characters are just as well written, and you are introduced to all sorts. I think everyone needs a best friend such as Bree - I liked her! Josh - yeah I'm glad he got whacked a couple of times. He eventually got his just desserts, so I'm good on this one.

I'm extremely happy with the ending and glad the author went this way; it could have gone in a completely different direction. Gosh, as I type I'm still thinking about this book, this story, the characters, the suffering, and find myself wanting to shed a tear or two all over again. This is not one of those stories where you will find someone dying, being chased and investigations taking place on every page. This is Emma recounting her life from just after Daniel's death and what takes place thereafter. It's not a fast-paced book and not meant to be one either - it's written exactly the way it should be and the pacing is perfect. I have to give this author props - I'm impressed not only with the story, but writing style. So many things were just beautifully described. I do think that this book will reach beyond the YA reader, much as others have done in the past.

If you haven't decided whether I liked this book or not, let me put your mind at ease... I liked it, really liked it - a heck of a lot. In fact, I'd originally given it four stars but because it's still with me and won't let go, I had to give it five.
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