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Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen
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did not like it

Here is this book in a nutshell:
Marianne and Elinor: 'O, why are we not married yet?'
Hot Guy #1: 'Let's get married.'
Elinor: 'Yes, let's.'
Hot Guy #1: 'Nah, forget it.'
Elinor: (pines)
Old Guy: 'Let's get married.'
Marianne: 'No, let's not.'
Hot Guy #2: 'Let's get married.'
Marianne: 'Yes, let's.'
Hot Guy #2: 'Nah, forget it.'
Marianne: (pines)
Hot Guy #1: 'Hey, let's get married.'
Elinor: 'Hark! Now I may stop pining!'
Marianne: 'This sucks. I am way hotter than her.'
Old Guy: 'Let's get married.'
Marianne: 'Yeah, I guess.'
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message 1: by Daria (new)

Daria Great review! I honestly think Jane Austen is one of the most overrated writers ever.

Patricia Even the fact that you describe Edward as a "hot guy" shows you haven't been reading closely...

message 3: by Anna (new) - added it

Anna Either you have missed a large part of the plot my dear, or you've only seen the film.

message 4: by Ida (new) - rated it 4 stars

Ida Olsen Warness Describing Edward as hot makes me believe you've only watched the movie... :p

message 5: by Nenia (new)

Nenia Campbell LOL this is the best thing ever. Sorry you have so many humorless lit-snob trolls attacking your review. :D

Jennifer what a delight, like it, no love it! Though I admit I enjoyed the book for exactly the reason you didn't.

Wayne Wignall I do understand how you see this romantic novel, but surely there's a broader picture, isn't there?

message 8: by Beth (new)

Beth Ida wrote: "Describing Edward as hot makes me believe you've only watched the movie... :p"


message 9: by Hussam (new) - added it

Hussam Naga Sorry for your comments girls (You do not know how a man thinks like being a man This Author was very good describing him as a HOT GUY)

Saila Thank you. I honestly thought that I was the only one who felt this way

Vymletoza Haha, although I loved the book (my favorite by Jane Austen), you got the point completely.

message 12: by Aurora (new)

Aurora This review is so spot-on.

Sutapa Bhattacharya Edward, hot guy, and saying to Elinor "let's get married" at the very beginning? Are we talking about the same book?

Anneta Jane Austen is too overrated.However i loved this book of hers.I cannot stand Pride and Prejudice.Read it twice but it always felt boring.Yawn!!!!I mean where us the love story?Don't get me wrong but this Lizzie -Darcy duo didn't fascinate me at all but sense and sensibility is another thing,i enjoyed reading it!BTW nice review!!!!!

Brandy This cracked me up.

Anurag In a nutshell you are a, " A big body made up of atoms and Electrons."
In a nutshell your review " summarizable is vile &insipid"
Since I summarized youself and your review alike, they are vile and insipid too. :)

Aditi Singhal how can u decribe such a beautiful book in such a ridiculous way??

message 18: by MaJime01 (new) - added it

MaJime01 You really don't know what your talking about. Try to write a book that becomes as famous as this one, and tell me how that went to you

message 19: by MaJime01 (new) - added it

MaJime01 You really don't know what your talking about. Try to write a book that becomes as famous as this one, and tell me how that went to you

message 20: by Jai (new) - rated it 2 stars

Jai Edmonds Couldn't agree with this any more. It was just as bad as Jane Austen's Persuasion

message 21: by Iman (new) - rated it 4 stars

Iman EL I thought Edward was a " shy hardly handsome man"! But well maybe i m the one who misunderstood things.

Nadia Anni, even though I disagree with your raing of the book, I do love your review!!! lol you really nailed the story in a nutshell. I guess I just happen to like old fashioned romances :-)

Nicci lol. Glad I'm not the only one who felt this way. I enjoy reading Austen but the plot of this one left a lot to be desired. It felt like women just waiting on men to decide whether they like them or not then settling as appropriate.

message 24: by Yilin (new) - rated it 1 star

Yilin Wong thank you for the review! I'm quitting after going through 1/3 of it. and your review fulfilled my curiosity

message 25: by Natasha (new) - added it

Natasha Yeah this is so funny and true. Book was pretty bad I need a break from this genre

message 26: by Wedla (new)

Wedla Edward isn't a handsome guy. actually, what makes him beautiful to elinor's eyes are his manners.

and this book, although it could be easily seen as "slow", doesn't only aboard marriage. it criticizes the english aristocracy, the way people see the other in good ways only if he/she has a good fortune, and how futile people are.

one thing you easily let it pass in your review is the fact that elinor says to herself that she cannot being dependent of anyone to be happy; that she has to find happiness in herself. and this is a 200 years old book, where a woman could only be happy if she married with a rich guy. if she didn't, people saw her as a unhappy and depressed person. analyze this 200 years ago, and now, when is highly portraits abusive relationships in movies/books/tv shows and women are still seen as inferior human beings.

I do understand if you didn't enjoy the book, but your review doesn't resumes the book and is unfair.

Sarkamatty I genuinely love this book and Jane Austen in general, but I can understand why you might not. And honestly, this review is brilliant, I laughed for like 15 minutes. :D

message 28: by Tyler (new)

Tyler This made me laugh. I also find it ironic that a lot of Austen fans have no sense of humor whatsoever and never fail to dismiss people who criticize her books as idiots.

Hemma_J While your outline of the book hilarious, there's more to the book. I often notice that I don't like certain books until I get some background info. There's no classic I haven't liked after doing that.

message 30: by Nishi (new) - rated it 1 star

Nishi A Couldn't get past 1/4 of the book. Perfect review :))

message 31: by Igy (new)

Igy St. Igy Hilarious, but considering you couldn't appreciate any of the way the sentences are turned, the most beautiful and elegant social philosophy ever written, and characters that stay with you the rest of your life, I think this review is pretty underwhelming.

Juanita Hilarious and so true :)

message 33: by Sana (new)

Sana K I haven't read the book but i watched the movie and loved it actually. But that review made me laugh a lot

message 34: by Zogan (new) - added it

Zogan  Sada i just finished the book. but after reading these comments i am totally disgusted.

message 35: by Mary (new) - rated it 5 stars

Mary I agree with the comments here. Edward is NOT hot. Rather agreeable. and You totally mistook the book for some romantic absurdity. When it is not. its quite lovely. Austen knows how to write real romances!!!!

Verdeoxido Jajja. Es tal cual.

Teresa OMG yes. But edward isn't really hot

Sandy LOL, interesting review.
But I don't think Marianne was jealous, at all:
Marianne: 'This sucks. I am way hotter than her.'

message 39: by Richi (new)

Richi I am on page 125 right now and I have found it absolutely boring uptil now, maybe the book will prove me wrong eventually.

Anastasia Iosebadze Gosh this is literally the best review I've ever read. If only there was a nobel prize in reviewing...

Sandy Anastasia wrote: "Gosh this is literally the best review I've ever read. If only there was a nobel prize in reviewing..."

There's another similar review of by Nettle, take a look:

Anastasia Iosebadze Thanks a lot

message 43: by Shar (new) - rated it 3 stars

Shar Thanks for the review! You just saved me 409 pages and about a week's worth of wasted reading. :-)

message 44: by Isis (new) - rated it 5 stars

Isis I love Jane Austen, I love and I admired every novel that she wrote (she is a genius), but still, this coment make me laught.

Marissa Kempf I am a huge fan of the book but I still thought your review was hilarious and I have to admit it's kinda accurate

Maira Lira I've finished Sense and Sensibility this week. And I laughed so hard with this review! The story isn't really thaaaaaat amazing, but the way she tells you... I'm glad I've finished, and I really recommend, not for the story itself, but for the journey.

message 47: by raspberrytea (new)

raspberrytea this is exactly how i feel about this book omg

Katie While your review is definitely funny, I think you may have missed the point if you think this book is only about marriage...

message 49: by Zinn (new) - rated it 4 stars

Zinn I enjoyed the book and still think this review is highly accurate. It might be a snarky review meant to slight but that doesn't change the fact that it pretty much sums up the plot. Nevertheless, it also doesn't mean that the book can be enjoyed based on the skill that the events and characters are depicted.

message 50: by GypsyBookworm (new)

GypsyBookworm So funny because it's true. I really like this story but that is essentially what it is about.

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