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Dualed by Elsie Chapman
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Sep 03, 2012

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bookshelves: dystopia

I'm going to have to agree with another reviewer. I really wanted to like this book alot, but I just couldn't connect with the protagonist. And I didn't feel like the plot of the story fit with the society that these teens lived in.

Most of the time when you read a dystopian novel, you can kind of understand why the society has chosen its particular type of screwed up world. Usually, a government or powers that be has come up with an idea that makes sense, but has just gotten overzealous in the execution or an evil corporation has become all powerful and has skewed the world for their monetary gain. But this idea of making two exact clones that are brought up by different parents, trained for the day that they will fight to the death, it just doesn't make any sense. I mean, I get that they are trying to raise a major military force, trained killers and all, but other elements of the story don't fit. If kids are running around killing eachother all the time, how could you have village centers of commerce: coffeehouses, etc. that anyone would actually leave there house to visit? Why wouldn't everyone be holed up in their homes all the time? Why would these kids wait until it was officially condoned to find the other person that looked exactly like you, waiting until you received a text message with where the person lived? It seems to me that you'd be curious your whole life and probably try to find out where they lived long before that text arrived.

Anyway, there's lots of great action, and it has potential, but it just didn't work this time.

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