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This Is How by Augusten Burroughs
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Sep 03, 2012

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Having never read any of Burroughs other books, I was pretty clueless on what to expect. Overall, I liked the book because it made me think. He gives his opinion pretty straight, and when someone is that forward, it really makes you question if you agree with him or not. He writes as if he were talking to you, which makes it an easy read. I think I would enjoy having a conversation with him, and being able to stop him and disagree from time to time. Even though some of my feelings/beliefs differed from his, I still appreciated most of what he had to say.

Burroughs' main argument for everything in life is to simply find the truth. The barest, simplest, harshest truth. But he is not so extreme that he doesn't have hope, so that was a nice balance. He also stresses being purely in the moment; don't let the past haunt you or the future scare you. Don't think about what you're doing or saying wrong, but focus on what you are actually doing and things will fall into place or they won't and you will move on from there.

I loved what he had to say about Hatred - that it was corrosive and could potentially ruin your life.

I loved the section on How to Find Love: "You are exactly everything enough to the person who thinks you are...You have to be only yourself. If you stand up from the table and accidentally trip....if they are the right person? That will be the moment they realize they love you."

I loved the section on How to be Confident: "The truth about confidence is: it's not the presence of anything at all. Confidence is a reduction of your own interest in whether others are thinking about you and, if so, what they're thinking....Unscripted, unedited, and wholly authentic people are almost universally admired, especially if they have flaws. Messing up is how you tell people, "It's okay to like me, because I'm just like you."

I definitely could have done without reading the Suicide chapter - it was much too graphic for me.

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Andrew I'm almost done with this!!!! Omg the suicide chapter was waaaay too much. but I liked the message in the chapter. I highly suggest Running with Scissors. It's so amazing. And really funny.

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