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Bewitched by Cambria Hebert
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Sep 03, 2012

really liked it

Kimber is so selfish, and spoiled, and just an all around unpleasant person. I was a little unsure after reading Masquerade after her blowing up at Heaven down by the lake. Then came Charade, and after that utter betrayal my face might have looked something like this *~*. Then Cambria Hebert announced that we would be seeing things from Kimber's point of view. I was like, "Okay, maybe we'll find a deeper reason as to why she would hate Heaven other then jealousy of her rank in popularity. NOPE!!! Kimber has always hated Heaven just because she was more popular then her. Not only that, but after Heaven tells Kimber repeatedly that nothing was going on between her poor boyfriend Cole and her, she refuses to believe it. Then, she simply trust the QUEEN OF WITCHES like it's nothing. Ugh. You can't see it, but right now, I've got my Kindle out, and I'm on the cover page, chastising Kimber for being horrible. Give me a minute
..... You selfish...... Of all the people to trust.......That scroll wasn't even Hecate's to begin with.......Popularity isn't everything......Gosh, why would you do this?!?!?!?
'k I'm done. Anyway I'm giving this book four stars, really three point five is not because I didn't like Kimber's attitude because Cambria Hebert portrayed that very well and I also love her writing style, but because the one scene I really wanted to see from Kimber's point of view where Heaven explains to Kimber that Cole and her are brother and sister, you don't get to see. utter sadness. Plus, on the plane riding back from Italy, she says that to smooth things over with Heaven, she'll buy her some new boots.
HAHAHAGHHA....haha.hehe.heha That was hilarious, but still
If she was to betray me the same way she did to the rest of them, the next time I see her, I wouldn't wait for Kimber to give me her apology boots, I would be punching her in the face. I wanted to see some growth in Kimber. Some realization that what she did was unforgivable, but she never truly gets it. I'm waiting for Tirade, but as of right now, to me, Kimber is a lost cause.
R. I. P. Kimber's moral compass

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